In Warhammer 40K, the Land Raider is the Imperium's most devastaing tank. With the ability to carry entire Space Marine squads right into the front line, while still being heavily armoured and armed, makes it one of the most useful weapons of any Space Marine commander.It is also happens to be the bane of anyone who's fighting it. It is the most heavily armoured vehicle in the standard 40K rules set, and has seriously powerful weaponry. It can also move just as fast as many of the other tanks in the game.

The primary use of a Land Raider, in large armys, would be to help the slower squads get up front, as they are usually the ones with big killage devices and such. However, the Land Raider can also be used to give supporting fire from the back, as it's weapons would be able to reach a signifiant amount of the playing area (assuming it is a standard size of 6' by 4'). The Land Raider is very costly to an army's points, so normally an army wouldn't have more than one at a time in any game. However, having two or maybe three certainly gives you a major advantage!

A lot of people beleive that the Land Raider is an unfair disadvantage to the rest of the 40K races, as it is effectively the most powerful unit in the game. However, every race is the game has been fine-tuned to fit a certain style of playing. If big armour and hard squads are your thing, collect a Space Marine army. Just remember that you are taking the easy route in 40K, as the Space Marines are really easy to use compared to the other races. If your done with Space Marines, collect an Eldar/Dark Eldar army - they're more fun!

Also comes in the super-freaky Chaos Marines version, which tends to be covered in spikes, poles and lots of gorish stuff. Imperial Space Marine helmets are a popular choice :). The Black Templar Space Marine chapter also get the super-funky Crusader variant, which is basically a more insane version fo the raider. It comes with more carrying space for squads, a bugger load of bolters and a multi-melta. Hehe, fire FUN....

At the request of amib, I will show in-game stats just so he can sleep well :).

            | Points | Front    Side      Rear   |   BS 
Land Raider |  250   |  14       14        14    |    4

Type: Tank                       Crew: Space Marines

Weapons: See above

Options: The Land Raider may be equipped with any of the
following vehicle upgrades: Dozer Blades; Extra Armour;
Hunter-Killer Missile; pintle-mounted storm bolter; 
searchlight; smoke launchers; No upgrade may be chosen more 
than once per vehicle.

Transport: See above

          | Points | Front      Side       Rear   |   BS 
Crusader  |  255   |   14        14         14    |   4

Type: Tank

Weapons: Two "Hurricane" pattern bolters, a twin-linked
assault cannon and a multi-melta. The crusader is also
equipped with frag assault launchers.

Options: The Crusader may have the following vehicle
upgrades: dozer baldes at +5pts; hunter-killer missile at 
+15pts;  pintle-mounted stormbolter at +10pts; searchlight
at +1pt; smoke launchers at +3pts.

Transport: Up to 25 Space Marines OR 8 Terminators. Only
one squad may be allowed at a time.

Availability: All Space Marine Chapters may take the 
Crusader Variant, but are limited to 1. The Black Templars
may have as many as they wish.


Extra Armour: All Crusaders are treated as having the "Extra
Armour" upgrade automatically.

"Hurricane" bolters: Each "hurricane" counts as three
twin-linked boltguns. These can always be fired, even if
the Crusader has moved during the turn.

Frag Assault Launchers: The front of the Crusader has
explosive charges set. Any unit whic assaults on the same
turn they disembark from the Crusader count as having
frag grenades.

Adeptus Astartes
Phobos pattern



Height -------------------------------------------------------------------- 13'6" to upper deck 

Length -------------------------------------------------------------------- 34' 

Width --------------------------------------------------------------------- 20' 

Weight (unladen) ---------------------------------------------------------- 72 Tonnes 

Weight (fully laden) ------------------------------------------------------ 81 Tonnes 

Armour Thickness 
Front Hull: --------------------------------------------------------------- 3.75" 
Side Hull: ---------------------------------------------------------------- 3.69" 
Rear Hull: ---------------------------------------------------------------- 3.61" 

Power Plant 
Output -------------------------------------------------------------------- 3,000 bhp 
Engine Type --------------------------------------------------------------- Adaptable Thermic Combustion with 
                                                                            Auxillary Reactor 

Weapon Systems 
2 Twin-linked Las Cannons 
Twin-linked Heavy Bolter 
Pintle-mounted storm bolter 

Road Speed ---------------------------------------------------------------- 34 mph 

Cross-country speed ------------------------------------------------------- 32 mph 

Operational Radius 
Reactor Only -------------------------------------------------------------- 387 miles 
Dual Force reactor operation ---------------------------------------------- 1,200 miles 

Crew ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Commander and 1 Crewman 

Passenger Capacity -------------------------------------------------------- 10 fully equipped Space Marines 
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- OR 5 Space Marines in 
                                                                            Tactical Dreadnought Armour(Terminator) 

Ground Clearance ---------------------------------------------------------- 1' 

Maximum Gradient Climb ---------------------------------------------------- 65% 

Ground Pressure ----------------------------------------------------------- 15.5 psi 

Fording Depth ------------------------------------------------------------- Fully Submersible to 120' 

Trench Crossing ----------------------------------------------------------- 18' 

Vertical Obstacle --------------------------------------------------------- 6'2" 

Information taken from the free Land Raider poster issued with White Dwarf Magazine.

© Copyright Games Workshop. Warhammer, Land Raider, Space Marine, Chaos Space Marine, Heavy Bolter, Storm Bolter, Las Cannon, Eldar and Dark Eldar are trademarks of Games Workshop Ltd.

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