J-lube is made as a lubricant for veterinary obstetrics and sold in powder form. It has made a name for itself in the gay, lesbian and leathersex communities as an excellent lube for fisting or other intense insertive play (vaginal or anal).

J-lube's primary ingredient is polyethylene oxide (also see the ready made Probe, another well known water based lube good for heavy play). Both of these lubes are well known for their stringy quality, they're messy. The trade off is that they form wonderful slick barriers that make large penetrations very much easier.

J-lube can either be mixed with water (preferably distilled) or with any other water-based lube. very small quantities (e.g. a tablespoon per quart of lube) are needed to prepare a thick lube for play.

Cleanup is fairly simple, it washes out of clothing and linens in a normal wash and is moderately easy to wash off of skin.

Effective lube is an essential part of insertive sex play, and an often forgotten element of safer sex. Abrasion of our naughty bits makes STD transmission more likely. There is no such thing as too much lube.

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