Game developers are happy coders in search of something more exciting to work on than word processors or databases. Usually composed of hackers, computer graphics experts, and algorithms people since those are the programming expertises required to create a modern videogame. The entire game developer community meets each year at the Game Developers Conference, a wonderfully informative show known for the enthusiam of its attendees.

This metanode is intended as a hub for all the writeups of those people that provide us geeks with our entertainment:


Adrian Stevens
Alexei Pajitnov
American McGee
Andrew Braybrook
Andrew Braybrook
Archer Maclean
Bill Roper
Bjorn Lynne
Brian Moriarty
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts
Cliff Bleszinski
Dave Perry
Dave Taylor
David Braben
Douglas Adams
Erin Roberts
Ernest Adams
Geoff Crammond
Graeme Devine
Hideo Kojima
Ian Bell
James Schmalz
Jeff Minter
Jeff Minter
John Carmack
John Romero
Jon Ritman
Ken Kuturagi (bleh!)
Kenneth Scott
Lawrence Holland
Martin Walker
Martin Walker
Nolan Bushnell
Nolan Bushnell
Paul Steed
Peter Molyneux
Raymond E. Feist
Raymond E. Feist
Richard Garriott
Rob Hubbard
Rob Hubbard
Roberta Williams
Roberta Williams
Ron Gilbert
Ron Gilbert
Shigeru Miyamoto
Shigeru Miyamoto
Sid Meier
Steve Meretzky
Steve Meretzky
Steve Purcell
Steven Crow
Stevie Case
Tim Sweeney
Trent Reznor
Trent Reznor
Warren Spector
Will Wright
Will Wright
Yu Suzuki
Yuji Naka
Yuji Naka (sp?)
Yuzo Koshiro


Blizzard Entertainment
Boffo Games
Cavedog Entertainment
Electronic Arts
Epic MegaGames
Id Software
Ion Storm
Looking Glass
Red Storm Entertainment
Remedy Entertainment
Ritual Entertainment
Take2 Interactive
Valve Software
Westwood Studios

Once this node gets a bit bigger I might start organizing into subcategories based on things like whether the developer is an artist, a programmer, a sound engineer or whatever. /msg me your views if you want.

Feel free to /msg me if you come across a writeup of a developer that's not here. I might also pick up on any softlinks, but a /msg will attract my attention quicker.

I intend to add people to this list only when there are writeups for them, but I have a list on my computer of people I'm going to write up. If this is not the normal practice for metanodes someone please tell me, this is my first.

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