Stevie "Killcreek" Case:
    1. Public Relations Director for the Cyberathlete Professional League
    2. PC Game Designer
    3 .Playboy Online Model
    4. Not ditzy (coming from the few hours I've spent talking to her)

Now, I don't know about you guys, but that's more than enough for me to be interested in her. As for John dating her as a publicity stunt, I highly doubt it. It's been at least two years (I don't remember the exact date) since the release of Daikatana and the two are still together.

Regardless of whether you think she has "Quake Skillz" or not, and I think she does from what I've seen during my work with CPL, you must admit that she is one of the most attractive women that has ever been involved in the gaming industry. For that matter, one of the most attractive women... period. Granted, she had breast implants, but so what? She looks good. As far as publicity goes, I think she's good publicity for the gaming world in general. It shows that yes - good looking people DO play video games, it's not just the Revenge of the Nerds stereotypical geek. (And aside from that, NO amount of publicity could have saved Daikatana)

As far as her current work, Stevie's begun a bit of an acting career since her work with Ion Storm. She just finished shooting 15 episodes of a TV show called "Lock -N- Load" in London which is being aired in Europe and Asia and will hopefully make it to the US soon. It's about a huge European Quake III Arena tournament called SuperCap.

At any rate, say what you like - but I think she'd have been just as famous, if not close, without dating Romero. As for the Playboy online spread... damn...
Oh yeah, you can check out info about her and photos at The site isn't up at the moment, but if you work your way around a bit you can get to the file index which works just as well.

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