Phones have many uses. They can be used for prank calls, making appointments with doctors or even conversations with friends. I have to admit, phones are very useful tools to have around. I'm sure that you all know that phones are a great way to keep in touch with people, but did you know that phones can enhance your sex life as well?

Let me brief you on the subject. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm talking about phone sex. Now I know to some, this topic (as well as most topics pertaining to sex) is offensive and "smutty." These people must realize that sex is a reality and that the topic of phone sex, though not discussed much, is also a reality.

There is nothing wrong with two people attempting to make their love life interesting, and phone sex is a definite way of doing just that. Is there some kind of rule that says a person's sex life has to be boring? Besides, who said that sexual pleasure can only come from two people having intercourse?

Not only is this a close-minded, exclusive way of thinking, it's also a pretty plain thought process. A lot of people might be wondering why intimacy over the phone is even referred to as "sex." To be perfectly honest, I have no clue. Nonetheless, that is the term the public has given it and the name I shall be using from here on out.

To be able to partake in the act of phone sex, one has to be open-minded. I get so tired of conservative people who view experimentation as vile. I'm not saying that everybody should experiment sexually, but they should at least allow others to decide for themselves. Needless to say, I'm a big advocate of everybody trying phone sex at least once.

Just to clear things up a bit, I'm not talking about "976" numbers – although these do exist if you're interested. I'm talking about an intimate experience that can be shared by two (or more) lovers. You see, phone sex isn't necessarily a dirty activity. I know that people stereotype it as such, but it can be a very effective way in which you and your partner get to know one another on a closer level.

Phone sex is most handy when dealing with a long-distance relationship. Whether your partner lives far away or is on a vacation, it can be hard to deal with. There are even times when your partner is a drive away, but there still is no way for you to get together. Do you just sit there feeling sorry for yourself? Of course not! You pick up your phone and give her or him a call. Distance can be a difficult thing to handle, and phone sex can alleviate the situation immensely.

Contrary to popular belief, there are a few ways a person can partake in intimate activity over the phone. If you are a shy person engaging in this act for the first time, you might want to discuss it with your partner first. Making sure that the two of you are comfortable with the idea is the most important aspect. If one of you is hesitant about the exercise, then your experience will be more awkward than anything else.

To achieve complete fulfillment, you must both be willing and unreserved. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to immediately dive into the more risqué behavior. By all means, take your time until you are at ease with the idea of being intimate over the phone. You might want to start off by just having a simple conversation with your partner about your feelings for one another. This is a great way to bond with your partner and let him or her know exactly how you feel. This in and of itself can bring two people closer and can also help with the fact that the two of you can't be with one another.

If this is too simple for you, or if you have gained the courage to move forward, you can start playing make-believe. This can be done by telling your partner what you would do to him or her sexually if they were within reach. This might be a bit embarrassing at first, considering the fact that most people aren't inclined to talk dirty. Just remember that you are talking into a phone and not face to face with your partner. Also remember that he or she is most likely becoming aroused by it.

The two aforementioned techniques are a great starting point for those of you who haven't really delved into the land of sexual experimentation. Of course, you don't have to stop there. If and when you are comfortable, you can certainly add other, more interesting factors to the mix. All the "dirty talk" will normally arouse a person to the point where it is inevitable that he or she will want to continue in some type of sexual activity. This is why masturbation is so heavily associated with phone sex. Most people end up masturbating with their partners over the phone. This, too, may seem a bit awkward at first.

After all, if masturbation isn't even looked upon as a typical act among men and women, phone sex will seem even more abnormal. That's ok, though, because the feelings of discomfort will soon be replaced with feelings of euphoria. As you allow yourself more freedom to experiment with your body, you may find that you are giving your voice more liberty at the same time. This can open the door for more intense dialogue. The more you participate in phone sex, the more at ease you will be with it.

After a while, it will become a normal routine that you and your partner enjoy even if you aren't hundreds of miles away. Intimacy over the phone, no matter to what degree, can make your love life more interesting. It is an undeniably novel and exciting form of sexual experimentation that not only brings two people closer together, but also makes them more comfortable with themselves.

Phone sex can be a key to unlocking the many sexual doors that lead to bigger and better sex. It is this willingness that keeps the sexual attraction between two people intense. In my opinion, there is never anything wrong with two people trying to take their sexual lives to the next extraordinary level. In fact, this should be celebrated. Phone sex is a great method, not only because it helps strengthen the bond between you and your lover, but it also allows you to explore your own desires and pleasure spots. You can familiarize yourself with your own body, while still being intimate with your partner.

You may also find your partner's newly discovered attributes more pleasing and attractive. For most, the dialogue is a new and fun tool. Your partner may turn you on with his or her voice and words or vice versa. While the act of phone sex may seem foreign to most and even a bit outrageous, it can be a maturing process for a relationship. It can help mitigate the pains of long distance relationships, while making an ordinary relationship extra-ordinary.

Granted, phone sex may not be for everyone, but you shouldn't cast the idea aside without trying it. You never know, you might end up loving it and the phone may serve a different, highly entertaining purpose for you in the future.

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