SHUTSU SUI de (emerge, exit, leave)

ASCII Art Representation:

      %%,,            %%%%            %%,,
      %%%%%           %%%%            %%%%%
      %%%%            %%%%            %%%%
      %%%%            %%%%            %%%%
      %%%%            %%%%            %%%%
      %%%%            %%%%            %%%%
      %%%%            %%%%            %%%%
      %%%%            %%%%            %%%%
       ""             %%%%             ""
    ,,                %%%%              ,,
    %%%%,             %%%%              %%%%,
    %%%%"             %%%%              %%%%"
    %%%%              %%%%              %%%%
    %%%%              %%%%              %%%%
    %%%%              %%%%              %%%%
    %%%%              %%%%              %%%%
    %%%%              %%%%              %%%%
    %%%%                                %%%%
    "%%"                                "%%"

Character Etymology:

Once written as a foot emerging from a line; although another theory believes this character to be a derivative of a pictograph of an emerging plant, but this theory is not widely supported.

A Listing of All On-Yomi and Kun-Yomi Readings:

on-yomi: SHUTSU SUI
kun-yomi: de(ru) -de da(su) -da(su) i(deru) i(dasu)

Nanori Readings:

Nanori: izu idzu ide ji suっ sutsu ten

English Definitions:

  1. SUI, SHUTSU: born of; appearing from; going out; sending out.
  2. da(su), ida(su): put out, take out, pull out, stick out; draw (a gun); extend; save (from a fire); expose, bare; post, publish; raise (a flag); hang out; present; pay, invest; advance (money).
  3. de(ru): appear, come out, emerge; haunt, infest; be served (meals); go out; work (at); exceed; interfere, intrude.
  4. -de, de-: turnout, attendance; supply, stock.
  5. de(shaburu): intrude, butt in.
  6. (o)i(de): being; coming; going; come; come on.
  7. (o)i(deininaru): be; come; go
  8. da(shi): broth, soup stock; pretext; excuse; a cat's-paw; a dupe; a tool.
  9. da(su): begin to.

Character Index Numbers:

New Nelson: 445
Henshall: 34

Unicode Encoded Version:

Unicode Encoded Compound Examples:

(deguchi): exit.
出水 (shussui): flood; inudation.
出国 (shukkoku): departure from a country.

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Empty lotus blossom
Peering out of the muck
You rise without a stain

I peer at you and open
Ornaments become offerings
Peel me away, I am become seed

What is born, must die
What begins, must end
From the ashes, emerges green

Born from seed
To the dirt I return
Dreaming the lotus

E*merge" (?), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Emerged (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Emerging (?).] [L. emergere, emersum; e out + mergere to dip, plunge. See Merge.]

To rise out of a fluid; to come forth from that in which anything has been plunged, enveloped, or concealed; to issue and appear; as, to emerge from the water or the ocean; the sun emerges from behind the moon in an eclipse; to emerge from poverty or obscurity.

"Thetis . . . emerging from the deep."


Those who have emerged from very low, some from the lowest, classes of society. Burke.


© Webster 1913.

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