There are moments that emerge in life where you hear things being said that others fail to grasp or sounds being heard that weren't directly specified in clarity and are missed by the majority. They seemed to slip in without warning, almost indistinguishable in meaning and cunning to a point that you're not sure that what you heard was completely understood or the meaning was interpreted incorrectly.

There was possibly a touch of negative or expressive content hidden somewhere between the idle words or sounds that was somehow directed at you. The meaning that you thought was introduced by the phrase or a sound perceived in a fleeting moment that passed by before its implication could be identified and wasn't exactly clear. Not necessarily reasoned the words or sounds forced you to succumb to a personal analogy of what you have just experienced. There was no direct influence in the words, motions or sound to depict a firm meaning. So its left up to the listener or viewer, the recipient, to decode the hidden message and react or accept the meaning as it was thought to be understood.

Life has its unusual tendencies to lead someone to indirectly speak their mind so circuitously that the meaning is astute and may go undetected by most that hear. With sound and music, the same rule may be applied. What you think you heard may not be what the author intended you to hear unless you delve deeper into the meaning of the phrase.

Music follows the same rules of the recipients understanding yet more subjective to the listener. What someone assumes their perception of the passage they heard was indeed purposeful, as opposed to the meaning that was intended by the artist and opens many perspectives on the exact same sound. If you can't comprehend that which lies beyond the surface, you will never truly empathize the meaning of the phrase.

Some phrases whether being musical or verbal are intended by the author to pass this hidden meaning that delivers an emotion, feeling or signal, that will be disregarded or overlooked unless the addressee is perceptive enough comprehend the obscure meaning.

We must remember that most people endure life asleep without realizing that there is a universe outside of their own personal space. These people only comprehend on planes of existence that are parallel within close proximity with their own. The term "deer in the headlights" expresses a reaction from these type personalities after these boundaries of discernment have been challenged beyond their capacity.

The key is perception of not only words, but also everything around you. We should watch every leaf that blows in the wind. Listen to every breeze and raindrop that may be singing a song and never stop discovering the many miracles being born in every sight, sound, word or external influence you may encounter with each passing second. These are the real universes that we pass through daily and that so many people overlook and take for granted.

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