Eat And Be Merrie: A Tasty E2 Bakesale Fundraiser


That old holiday time of the year is nearly upon us again. Yes, another year has rolled around and whether you call it Yule, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, “The Holidays”, or some other name I’ve left out, ‘twill soon be the season for Feasting and making Merrie!

It’s also the season for giving, and what more worthy recipient than our favorite home away from home? How about if you give and get something in return? Something good to eat made by one of the many talented E2 cooks? Or take an opportunity to show off those famous cooking skillz?

Here’s the deal: around this time of the year, a lot of us start cooking and baking up lots of holiday goodies. Some of those goodies have found their way into the first-evar E2 Holiday Bakesale.

To grab one or more of these goodies, just make a donation to the E2 Donation Box. For each donation of $10 (or more), you can choose one item from the list. Send a copy of the confirmation e-mail to with your choice!

Don’t delay! These goodies will go fast (and you want to have time for ‘em to arrive in time for holiday Merrie-making).

The Bakesale closes December 12 (Sunday)< /strong>. In response to requests, the Sale will be open through December 18, so ACT NOW, shoppers! This should leave ample time for shipping so as to ensure prompt arrival to the salivatin' recipients!

Hungry yet? Here’s what we have in the shop so far . . .

  • Andromache01, from our Spain office, will ship these to wherever you are:
    • one batch of (can you believe this) Frangelico chocolate chunk almond cookies, and
    • one batch shortbread cookies of DOOM!
  • The divine smileloki will be offering:
    • two batches of divinity, peppermint or pecan, according to purchaser's preference! How can you resist?
  • This just in! exceptinsects is cookin' up:
    • one batch of PRIZEWINNING sand tarts (crisp sugar cookies with cinnamon sugar and an almond on top)
    • one batch hazelnut chocolate chip cookies!
  • WOOT! Chiisuta's just brought in:
    • three two batches of her famous Sex Brownies! Get 'em while you can! (Can only be shipped within the US) One batch goes to Kit as part of her tithe to E2!
  • There's noders concoctin' up good stuff down in the Lone Star state:
    • Dann's baking a loaf of Parmesan Asiago Basil Wheat bread (oooo ....).
    • and Indigoe will make two batches of her Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. GONE, karrenlouise says these'll set her up for life!
  • And here comes karrenlouise with:
    • One batch of "my grandmother's stunningly calorific rocky road (and I don't mean ice cream, I mean chocolate with nuts and marshmallows)." Oooh!
  • Just under the wire comes oakling with:
    • Truffles! Homemade Truffles! Lavender chocolate or mint chocolate or chocolate lemon cheesecake ones! GONE, again to Kit, the lavender chocolate variety, please!

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