lyrics: Robert Hunter
music: Phil Lesh
Copyright Ice Nine Publishing
Reproduced with permissions

In the wind
Open the doors
Let the show begin
Come like lightning
Come like rain
Come on the double
With your ball and chain
Come with your trouble
Your sweat and strain
Check 'em all at the door
With your grief and your pain

Like days of old
When everything
Was solid gold
Silver, diamonds
Pearls and wine
Blood and roses
Both yours and mine
Sunlight shining
On a midnight line
That opens and closes
Like a holy shrine

Let a fresh wind tear through your soul
Swallows your sorrow and deliver you whole
Give you reason to believe again, but
Finish that prayer before you say Amen

One on one
Hold your judgement
Till it's done
Until the last wheel
Is spun and still
The final sunbeam
Sets on the hill
Till the curtain not only
Fallen but burned
The very last lesson
Studied and learned

The ball's in play
There never was no
Just one time
The spirit moves
Proving whatever
The spirit proves
Nothing to win and
Nothing to lose
Stepping on nobody's
Blue suede shoes

Let a fresh wind tear through your soul
Swallows your sorrow and deliver you whole
Give you reason to believe again, but
Finish that prayer before you say Amen

You say there's nothing left to celebrate
Just stolen elections, corruption and hate
Come on come on let the good times roll
It means more now than you'll ever know
Begin again, don't you ever give up
Tryin' to fit the ocean in a six ounce cup
Begin again as though the world will hear
Speak your truth both loud and clear

Speak it like a beast howling in the wind
Speak it from the heart like an innocent child
Speak it from the mountain, Speak it from the plain
Speak it like the whistle on a northbound train
Speak it with honor, Speak it with pride
Speak it from the meadow by the riverside
Speak it from experience, Speak it from fame
Speak it from the gutter with an unknown name
Speak it from the roof-tops-of-the town
Speak it from the tenaments tumbling down
Speak it from the podium, Speak it from the stage
Speak it from the prison in tones of rage
Speak it in the tongues of gods and men
Say it, say it, say it, say it, say it again
Speak it from the pits or from heaven above
In celebration baby, Speak it with love!

You know it's true
There was no one
Untill there was you
You say where
I'll say when, we'll
Get it together
And begin again- like
Of lovers and friends- in
celebration that
Never ends

Celebration- in
Full sweet swing
Of everyone
And everything, that
Causes hope and
Dreams to rise
Bringling love light
To your eyes
Bringing laughter
To your heart
Let it start

Let a fresh wind tear throught your soul
Swallow your sorrow and deliver you whole
Like a breath of summer in a winter land
Blowing rhythm so simple
hearts can easily understand


First played on April 13, 2001 at the Sunrise Musical Theater in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
Track #1 on the album There and Back Again by Phil Lesh and Friends

Cel`e*bra"tion (?), n. [L. celebratio.]

The act, process, or time of celebrating.

His memory deserving a particular celebration. Clarendok.

Celebration of Mass is equivalent to offering Mass Cath. Dict.

To hasten the celebration of their marriage. Sir P. Sidney.


© Webster 1913.

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