The most commonly heard expression in the nurse's office of my elementary school. The cure for EVERY AILMENT KNOWN TO MAN was a sucking candy. This was probably due to the fact that 95% of the time someone went to the nurse's office, they weren't actually sick. So, the nurse would just give out sucking candies by the truckload to make everyone feel better. But even when someone really was sick, she still gave the damn things out.

When I had lice in kindergarten, I got a sucking candy.

When my friend fainted in the middle of class in fifth grade, he got propped up on a chair in the nurse's office and got a sucking candy when he woke up.

When another friend got sat on by some bullies and broke his collarbone, he got a sucking candy while he was waiting for his mother to show up and drive him to the hospital.

I happened to be in the nurse's office one day when a teacher carried a kid in who was having a really bad asthma attack. The nurse leaped into action, actually giving the kid proper medical attention. EMTs rushed over to the school to drove him to the hospital, and as they're carting the kid out of the office, the nurse runs out into the hallway:

"Wait! WAIT UP! I forgot to give him a sucking candy!"

Similar to the "Just take a salt tablet!" sentiment on one episode of King of the Hill.

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