An Italian liqueur made largely from hazelnuts and flavored with other nuts and berries. It has a wonderful flavor and is good in mixed drinks (it's good to make a white russian with it.) It's also used in baking--I have a hazelnut biscotti recipe that requires it, as well as things like tortes and the like which are benefitted by a hazelnut flavor.

It's also hideously expensive, but a little goes a long way. You don't get wasted on Frangelico.

Frangelico liqueur, with its irresistible taste of hazelnut and berries, has a history that few realize. The creator, a hermit monk Angelico, lived in the hills of Piedmont by the river Po in Northern Italy during the 17th century. Legend has it that the monks love of nature led him to produce many fine foods and drinks.

Fra. Angelico created his wonderful liqueur by infusing locally grown hazelnuts with alcohol and then distilling this mixutre. Herbs, berries, and "secret" ingredients (including toasted cocoa, toasted coffee, vanilla berries, rhubarb root and sweet orange flowers) werre blended in and the resultant liqueur was aged in oak barrels. Today, this tradition to craftmanship, care, and quality is carried on by the Barberos family in the heart of the Piedmont.

Frangelico is a fine liqueur, that is well known the world over by its distinct flavor and monk shaped packaging. One can enjoy it straight, over ice, mixed with coffee or teas, or added to other recipes for a distinct, almost exoctic, taste. Frangelico is 24% alcohol by volume, or 48 proof.

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