EFC, created by Gene Roddenberry and produced after his death, is a sci-fi television series with a multi-season plot.

In the near future, aliens, the Taelons, come in peace to Earth to share knowledge. However, it is found that the Taelons are at war with another race, the Jaridians. Also, an anti-Taelon movement (the underground) discovers that the Taelons are actually manipulating certain humans' brains. Later, the Jaridians ask the underground to help repel the Taelons.

SPOILER WARNING! N-Wing has explained the basic premise of this series above: in the near future, aliens called Taelons come to Earth, seemingly to help us, but with mysterious ulterior motives. Characters came, went, and came back again over the show's five seasons, and the premise continually evolved (much to the annoyance of many viewers).

The following is a list of the important events that took place in each of the five seasons of Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict.

Season 1

The Taelons arrived on Earth, promising they had only peaceful intentions. They helped to stop war, famine, and disease, asking nothing in return but friendship. The Companions, as they called themselves, became incredibly popular and established diplomatic relations with every country in the world. The populus was so in love with the Taelons that they formed the Church of the Companions, believing them to be messengers from Heaven.

The North American Taelon ambassador was named Da’an. William Boone, a police officer, became the North American Director of Interspecies Relations and protector of Da'an after his wife was killed in a car crash. At the same time, he was recruited by an underground resistance group, that distrusted the Companions and questioned their motives. The Resistance headquarters were located in the lair of computer genius Augur, who happened to be an old friend of Boone. Boone soon discovered that Da’an’s F.B.I. attaché, Ronald Sandoval, was responsible for the death of his wife, and he decided that he would work for both sides as a double-agent in order to discover the truth. He was implanted with a CVI, a brain-enhancing device that had the unfortunate side-effect of making its owner completely loyal to the Taelons. Boone's CVI was modified by Dr. Belman to disable its priority-altering properties. Ex-marine Lili Marquette became his shuttle pilot and main contact with the Resistance.

The Resistance discovered that Taelons were using human prisons as experimental laboratories. As he helped to recapture an escaped test subject, Boone learned of a Taelon myth that foretold ominous things for their species. During a major media event, Resistance leader Jonathan Doors came forward with hard evidence of the experiments, and urged humanity to follow him in fighting the Taelon "occupation" of Earth.

The Taelons canceled an international human mission to Mars. Some disappointed astronauts stole Taelon technology and completed the mission anyway. When Boone tracked down one of the astronauts, he learned that the Taelons were building a secret colony on the moon.

It turned out that the skrills, bio-engineered weapons used by Taelon assistants, were actually the remnants of a species that had once fought against the Companions.

Sandoval’s CVI temporarily broke down, and his true loyalties returned. He threatened Da’an and rushed to rescue his wife from the mental institution that he had sent her to while under the CVI's influence. Boone had to recapture him, or risk tipping his own hand.

Boone, Sandoval, and Lt. Beckett, the assistant to the U.K. Companion, found messages left thousands of years ago by a Taelon named Ma'el, in which he urged the modern Taelons to leave Earth and never return. The Taelons ignored the warning. When a human psychic was killed for tapping into the Taelon Commonality, Boone learned that Ma'el had altered humanity’s evolution by giving them the gift of psychic abilities. Da'an agreed to keep this fact secret from the rest of the Synod, indicating his own benign feelings for Earth.

Augur attacked the Taelons with a computer virus, but the plan backfired when human systems that had been tied into Taelon technology all over the world began to fail. Ultimately the Taelon Mothership arrived to undo the damage, and humanity once again hailed the Companions as its saviors, much to the chagrin of the Resistance.

The Kimerian alien Ha'gel, bent on destroying the Taelons, was discovered on Earth. Boone and Sandoval hunted him down, but not before he mated with Lt. Beckett. In a last-ditch effort, Boone tried to make an alliance with Ha’gel against their mutual enemies, the Taelons. But as the police burst in, Hag’el was killed, and Boone was seriously injured. He was taken to the Mothership for treatment, and Da’an’s rival, Zo’or, took that opportunity to kill him, blaming it on the injuries.

Season 2

Siobhan Beckett gave birth to a Human/Kimerian hybrid, who adopted the name Liam Kincaid and developed into a full-grown man at an astonishingly fast rate. The solemn occasion of Boone's funeral was interrupted by the surprise attack of a Jaridian Probe, and Quo'on, leader of the Taelon Synod, was killed in the attack. Da'an named Liam his new protector and Liam immediately saved the Taelons from the Probe.

Augur attempted to tap in to the Commonality frequency through his computer. As a result of his tampering, Da'an was separated from the Commonality and reverted back to an Atavus - a primitive and bestial form of Taelon. The Atavus rampaged through the city in an attempt to locate the source of the disruption in the Commonality and nearly destroyed the Resistance Hideout. Liam was able to use the power of his shaqarava to bring Da'an back to normal.

Liam was accidentally displaced into the future and witnessed the slaughter of Doors and the Resistance. He transported back to the present time to warn everyone of the impending doom, but Doors was a victim of a Taelon experiment that induced psychotic episodes. Liam and Augur convinced the rest of the Resistance members to subdue Doors, restore order, and prevent him from doing any harm.

When a bomb placed inside Liam's shuttle by the envious Jonathan Doors exploded, it caused the shuttle to jump interdimensionally into a parallel world. Augur and Liam were captured by a tribe of Imerians, but quickly befriend them when they discovered that they shared a common enemy - the Taelons. Maiya, the leader of the Imerians, helped them to find a way back to their dimension and followed them into it after her husband was killed by the Taelons.

Lazarus led one of Zo'or's bio-enhanced warrior programs aboard the Mothership. Augur became a test subject after being arrested in Australia. Liam saved him, having gained insight into Zo'or's plans.

Siobhan Beckett's CVI failed, killing her. Before passing on, she finally learned that Liam was her son.

Maiya had to merge bodies and spirits with Isabel because the presence of her dimensional double was causing her to suffer from a phasing effect. Afterwards Maiya revealed that Isabel had been Lili's sister.

The Biosurrogate Program was created to provide the disabled with new bodies. Da'an was leading the project, but Zo'or implanted Jaridian warrior functions into the biosurrogate bodies. At the same time, Doors and Thompson competed for the upcoming presidential election.

Zo'or began to implant Taelon memories into humans as they underwent a rejuvenation process called Second Chances. Jonathan Doors left the Resistance to campaign for president, and Liam was chosen as the new leader.

The Taelons also began recruiting and brainwashing human youths to fight against the Jaridians and humanity.

A Jaridian probe landed to earth, and the real Liam Nevyle Kincaid questioned our Liam, Julia and Augur.

Julia was arrested and exposed as a Resistance member when she tryed to stop a Jaridian replicant from killing Doors. Thompson was re-elected, and suspended all civil liberties. The Taelon Volunteers and the police began to arrest all Resistance supporters. Lili accessed the Mothership's self-destruct controls, preparing to destroy it once and for all.

Season 3

Sandoval captured Lili, and she was thought dead by the Resistance. Renee Palmer, a Doors International employee posing as a Volunteer, saved Liam from capture. Lili was implanted with a CVI, and Sandoval informed her that she was no longer human as he ejected her into interdimensional space.

Renee and Liam teamed up to rescue the Skrill Queen, and despite Renee's desire to keep her for the Resistance, Liam insisted they free her into the Brazillian rain forest. Their alliance continued when they destroyed the Mneme machines, Taelon devices that stole memories from humans. Liam, Renee, and Jonathan Doors discovered ancient Taelon artifacts, successfully hiding them from the Taelons and keeping them at Doors International.

Sandoval realized he had a son when Liam donated his blood anonymously to save him from a rare blood disorder. Da'an hired Max to infiltrate Resistance communication systems, resulting in the deaths of several cell leaders. Da'an and Zo'or again deceived humanity when Liam discovered Taelon/human hybrids on Earth, as they neglected to tell him that they were encouraging the hybridization, hoping the hybrids would help them destroy the Jaridians. Zo'or and Sandoval also created a race of improved bio-surrogates for this purpose, under the guise of an ancient Taelon sport called Pad'Ar.

Light years away from Earth, Lili repaired a broken ID drive in an attempt to escape. To her horror, the landscape dissolved away into Jaridia and she realized she had provided the Jaridians with the means to travel to Earth.

Zo'or attempted to reproduce with the Cloister on Earth, and we learned that he was Da'an's son.

As Zo'or participated in a live television interview, he saved the lives of everyone present by absorbing energy from an imminent explosion. He and Liam were stranded in a Wyoming forest after their shuttle crashed, and in his absence, the Taelon War Minister T'than began to investigate Zo'or. Realizing he was a threat, Zo'or arranged T'than's assasination, but it failed. Both T'than and Da'an knew who was responsible, and T'than gained Da'an's loyalty by assuring him that he no longer wanted to recreate their home world on Earth.

Liam confronted Da'an after he and Renee learned that the Taelons had played a role in the SI war, years before they were to have arrived on Earth. They activated a Quantum Vortex which killed 100,000 people and threw the world into chaos. Then, the Taelons "arrived" and appeared to solve everything. Da'an realized and admitted that their interference had been a mistake.

Zo'or became sick from an ancient Taelon plague known as Pesh'tal. T'than ordered Sandoval to kill him, but Liam found Zo'or first and cured him. Fully recovered, Zo'or angrily confronted both T'than and Sandoval.

As Zo'or and T'than engaged in p'raj'rath, a duel to the death, a hologram of Ma'el appeared, thoroughly displeased with the behavior of the modern Taelons. Ma'el's ship was set for a collision course with the Mothership, but Liam and Renee were able to destroy it in time, saving the Taelons.

Liam and Renee discovered that the Taelons were using humans from the Church of the Companions to create kryss, a substance they used to maintain energy while on Earth. When Liam confronted Da'an, Da'an assured him that they had found another way to manufacture the substance.

Da'an and Liam discovered that Zo'or had laundered dirty money. The money disappeared from the bank accounts before Liam could email the records to the press, but Zo'or's blasphemous lust for money was no longer a secret to Da'an.

Jonathan Doors was killed while saving his son Joshua by a Taelon mind control device. Joshua was appointed to lead Doors International.

Liam and Zo'or had to work together to access a relic from Ma'el's ship. It revealed that humanity was the missing link between the Taelons and the Jaridians, and that without humanity, both species would be lost.

Liam, Renee and Augur discovered that Lili Marquette was alive and pregnant when she returned to Earth with her Jaridian companion, Vorjak. She began the final metamorphosis before becoming a Jaridian mother, but the only way for the hybrid baby to live was to sacrifice a Taelon.

Season 4

Lili's child was born, but Da'an expended all his energy in the effort, reverting to a crystallized form. Lili, Vorjak and their child narrowly escaped from Earth in their shuttle, and Augur decided to disappear for a while after being pursued by Volunteers. His old friend J Street created a new identity for him and a one-way ticket to Singapore, and also agreed to help Liam and Renee out while Augur was away. Once Vorjak was gone, Da'an awoke, revealing that he had merely faked his death to escape from Vorjak.

Renee and Liam discovered that not only was Da'an addicted to Kryss, there was still a human Kryss factory in operation. Liam reminded Da'an that if he did not use synthetic Kryss, the real stuff would kill him.

F.B.I. Director Hubble Urick asked Renee to lobby for the ratification of the Atlantic National Alliance, a group of 24 national leaders determined to regain control of Earth from the Taelons.

Jonathan Doors re-emerged, having left part of himself in his computer system. The cyber Jonathan stole a canister of core energy from the Mothership, without which, T'than would likely die. Zo'or killed T'than and stole his remaining energy, and Joshua Doors was taken into custody for aiding his father in stealing the energy.

With the help of Augur, Renee and Liam transported Zo'or's $3 trillion gold stash to Fort Knox to benefit the ANA.

The Jaridians attempted to destroy Earth by projecting a false image of an incoming Jaridian fleet and covertly providing plans to the Resistance for a weapon that would have destroyed the Earth's atmosphere instead of the ships.

Renee was distraught when Zo'or stole her younger brother Richard's emotions from him, but Da'an agreed to return them, and Richard recovered. She was again outraged after learning that she and many other women had become infertile because of energy beams the Taelons had been firing toward North America. The apparent reason was to drive women to the Taelon New Life clinics in order to create babies with CVIs.

A piece of dark matter collided with the Mothership, threatening to kill everyone on board. Ha'gel appeared to Liam and explained that he could save the ship by using his Kimera energy, which Liam did. As a result, Liam became completely human.

Augur discovered that Ma'el's artifact contained the secret to Taelon core energy and was vital to their survival. Sandoval implanted J Street with a tracking device as he forced her and Augur to try and decode the artifact. Liam and Renee flushed the nanobots from her system and fooled Sandoval into thinking she was dead.

Sandoval was put on trial for crimes againt humanity, but Zo'or rescued him, demanding that he be returned to the Mothership immediately, or he would begin firing missiles at Earth.

Jeff Marlowe, Renee's boyfriend and an ANA agent posing as a Volunteer, installed a device on the Mothership that prevented the Taelons from using their recently upgraded weapons. He was killed by a Volunteer.

Zo'or announced that the Taelons would be forced to enter death stasis because of their lack of core energy, but he discovered Da'an had enough energy to keep them all alive. (Da'an had acquired this energy when he earlier attempted to join with a Jaridian.) Zo'or stole Da'an's energy as the other Taelons entered stasis, but Liam brought them out of it, and Da'an reclaimed his energy and distributed it to all the Taelons.

The Jaridians once again tried to destroy the Taelons and Earth by sending electrical signals that affected Volunteers' CVIs, but it became clear that the Taelons' fate was inextricably linked with the Jaridians' whenLiam, Augur and Street discovered Ma'el's Atavan regeneration chamber deep inside a volcano. Street solved the final dimension of the riddle of Ma'el's relic, and Liam prepared to transfer the Atavan energy to the Taelons. Zo'or entered the pool, disappearing in a flash of light, and the Jaridians arrived on the scene. Liam concluded that the only way to save both species was for the Jaridians and Taelons to reunite in the chamber, and he stayed behind to help as the volcano erupted around them, apparently destroying everyone and everything inside.

Season 5

With the Taelons gone for good, Sandoval took control of their Mothership. Renee and Street took a submarine to the waters surrounding the volcano containing the Atavan chamber and found it to be intact, imbedded in rock. Renee concluded that Liam must have died when the crew discovered dozens of Atavus inside, a species which had been resurrected by the joining of the Taelons and Jaridians. Also inside was Raj'el, guardian of the Taelon collective consciousness, chosen to protect humanity from the Atavus in this "final conflict." Howlyn, leader of the Atavus, explained to Renee that his species was present on Earth long before humanity but were forced underground by asteroids. Now, they planned to reclaim Earth as their own, feeding on the human life force to survive. Sandoval transported the chamber and all the Atavus to the Mothership, welcoming them aboard. He struck a deal to help them conquer the Earth, still bitter at having been rejected by humanity.

Renee tried to convince Hubble of the existence of the Atavan threat, but he refused to believe her. She headed to the Mothership and was captured by Howlyn as Juda seduced Sandoval. Howlyn explained that an unknown force prevented him from absorbing Renee's and Sandoval's energy, but he attacked her anyway, and she cut off his hand before escaping and presented it as evidence of the Atavus' existence to Hubble. In the meantime, Ra'jel was locked in a containment area because his energy was toxic to the Atavus. After Sandoval informed Howlyn that the Mothership's weapons had been disabled, he suggested that instead of destroying humanity, they would enslave it by creating Atavan/Human hybrids. Renee was immune to the joining process because of Taelon energy she had obtained from Da'an, and she disabled the Mothership's shields. Hubble was attacked by a hybrid and slipped into a coma before he could order a strike.

Sandoval revived William Boone, who was not dead at all but had been kept in suspended animation, in an attempt to lure Renee back to the Mothership. Boone agreed to help Renee fight the Atavus, and the two quickly fell in love. Renee was forced to kill his sister Sarah, who had become a hybrid, and Boone decided that it would be safer for Renee if he went into retirement.

Renee and Street detected an energy beam emanating from Stonehenge and concluded that there must be an Atavus hive there. Beneath Stonehenge, they discovered a crystal that could reveal the locations of other Atavus hives. Soon after, Renee visited Boone in his Himalayan home, telling him about the crystal. He agreed to help her destroy all the hives they could find. Meanwhile, Sandoval resurrected Zo'or from the biopool on the Mothership and joined him with a female Atavus. Zo'or was thrilled to find that he had been brought back to assassinate his old enemy, William Boone. Since Atavus were at a disadvantage in cold environments, Renee and Boone lured Zo'or to a refrigeration plant and were able to freeze her in dry ice. Renee smashed the cystal, and Sandoval returned to the Mothership with the frozen Zo'or, ordered by Howlyn to kill her.

After she failed to save victim of the Atavus, Renee decided to check into a spa with Street to unwind. The spa turned out to be a giant hybrid chamber, however, and they destroyed it.

A high schooler named Jeremiah became obsessed with the Atavus after reading Renee's Atavus Watch website, and decided to set up his own Atavus Fan Club site. Juda captured him and turned him into a hybrid. Impressed by his new power, Jeremiah's classmates assembled by a portal, waiting to go to the Mothership for joining. Realizing he had become a murderer, his girlfriend Christine killed him.

As Renee and former Resistance fighter Reese Jackson investigated a string of mysterious comas at United Hospital, where Hubble Urick was being kept alive by machines, acting FBI Director (and Atavan collaborator) Ryan Patricio ordered Hubble's doctor to discontinue life support. Renee discovered that the hopsital was being run by hybrids, and a foreign gas had been added to the OR oxygen supply to provide human food for the Atavus. Renee obtained a sample of Atavus blood, which Dr. Qu used to create an antidote. Hubble regained consciousness, arrested Patricio, publicly announced the existence of the Atavus, and thanked Renee for single-handedly fighting them.

Renee and an Army assault team prepared to fire on the Mothership, but Sandoval destroyed their proton weapon. In the process, however, they captured his right-hand man Tate, and severely wounded Juda. Tate bargained for immunity, and stole Juda's now-dead body, delivering it to Renee and Dr. Rogers for examination. They learned that Juda had been unable to regenerate because consuming humans had weakened her Atavan abilities. Ironic, since humans were their main source of food! Howlyn was furious with Sandoval for allowing Juda to die, and expelled him to Earth.

Renee discovered that an ancient Egyptian tomb was actually an Atavus chamber, and worked with her former lover Raleigh Sinclair to destroy it and recover two jewels that might reveal the location of hundreds of other hives. She also found a top-secret government prison in which hybrids were sent to feed on each other.

Howlyn once again resurrected Zo'or, figuring that Zo'or was his best chance to gain control of the Mothership's weapons. Zo'or successfully took control of the ship and reactivated its weapons. Renee and Lt. Michaels destroyed the weapons array permanently, blew up Zo'or, and exposed General Kirkland as a hybrid. Michaels was promoted to Captain, and he and Renee became more than just friends.

Renee discovered that Howlyn had a son, Yulyn. Unlike his father, Yulyn had no desire to feed on humans and wanted to return to his homeworld. Howlyn threatened to kill him if he wouldn't feed on Tate, but Renee portaled him away. Yulyn provided Renee with a blood and tissue sample that might be used to develop a hybrid antidote, and she put him back into stasis on Easter Island.

Howlyn turned Street into a hybrid, who attacked Renee. Renee brought her to the hospital to await the hybrid antidote that Dr. Copple had been working on, but Street had already given Sandoval the location of Copple's lab. Sandoval stole a vial of the antidote and all the research data, but Renee recovered it and was able to fully cure Street.

Raj'el informed Renee that Boone had been killed (for real this time) during a hybrid uprising. One of Captain Michaels' commandos, Sergeant Kirby, was transformed into a hybrid. Renee and Michaels rushed him to a vaccination center for treatment, but they were double-crossed by the facility's staff, and Michaels was shot and killed. Amidst all the bad news, there was some good. Liam Kincaid was alive! He had joined with the Jaridians and Taelons in the biopool during the merging, and while there, learned the location of Howlyn's starship. Renee awoke Yulyn from stasis, and he led her and Liam's team to destroy the ship. The Atavus got there first, however, and opened fire on them. Howlyn woke some of the ship's guardians and ordered one of them, Jaylis, to engage the interdimensional drives without testing them first. The drives overloaded the ship's systems, damaging it beyond repair. Jaylis activated the ship's self-destruct sequence and killed Howlyn, and Renee killed Jaylis. At Yulyn's insistence, Renee asked Raj'el to transport the remaining Atavus guardians to the Mothership, so that they could be brought back to their homeworld. With the Final Conflict finally over, Renee extracted the starship's ID drives and used them to repair the Taelon Mothership. Raj'el, Renee, Liam and Yulyn blasted off to explore outer space, their adventure just beginning.

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