Fort Knox still is the U.S. gold repository. It is located within the US Army's Armored Calvary site in Kentucky near the Indiana border. The site is named after George Washington's artillery commander. Every officer and enlisted person in the Army's tank divisions go through training there.

The gold depository was completed in 1936 during the Roosevelt administration. The collapse of the stock market and ensuing great depression saw the U.S. outlaw the ownership of gold. All U.S. reserves of gold and silver, including that turned in by U.S. citizens were moved to Ft. Knox upon its completion.

Its location within an active military site is no accident, Ft. Knox is one of the more secure installations in the world.

Editors Note:

For the sake of accuracy, the United States did not outlaw the ownership of gold outright. It did however outlaw the private ownership of gold coins, gold bullion, and gold certificates by American citizens.

Ft. Knox was where the US armored forces were first assembled. At the time the location for the gold depository was set, it was the most secure military installation in the United States. The gold wasn't moved there until the advent of WW II when it became likely that there would be attacks on the Eastern seaboard cities by the Axis powers, and being beyond the Appalachian Mountains it was considered more secure. Previously the gold was in the Federal Reserve bank in New York City and the Philadelphia Mint. Probably not a good place to snoop around, shoot to kill orders are said to exist if anyone tries to jump the surrounding fence,

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