The Fallout From Super Tuesday continues


The Republicans are in a panic. Barring a minor miracle, it looks like Donald Trump is set to take the Republican nomination. He can have no issue with being endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan, he could literally kick a baby across the field, but he seems unassailable. He's everything to every man: he's a billionaire but seems to resonate with the common man. He's a conservative but won't touch social issues. And the rest of the establishment is just scared at the Frankenstein monster they've created.

Of course, the rest of the world is just aghast. If you think they hated George W. Bush, the notion of Trump being elected scares them utterly. A pub in London has converted their urinals to "the Republican challenge" and many an American is looking to move to Canada, and yes for REAL this time. But what most people elsewhere don't realize is that Trump represents the sanest voice coming out of the Republican Party. It made a Faustian bargain with the religious right and the nut jobs of the Tea Party (Mark II). Not referring to the fiscal conservatives who made up the original Tea Party and left it in digsust - I'm talking about the evangelical end-times Obama is a socialist Muslim who's set to ban our guns and make Christianity illegal Tea Party folks. By making the bulk of its criticism about Obama's ethnicity and birthplace, and his "radical socialist agenda" - they've basically moved the party to a point in which Klansmen feel emboldened not only to support them but stab and attack Latino youths in parks. And by pandering to evangelicals and other social conservatives, they've made it so that the other two candidates left are unpalatable to most people. Ted Cruz might believe he's an "anointed King" who God has chosen to usher in the End Times. I'm a Christian, and I think that's horseshit, and that Cruz shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the nuke button.

The analysis outside the country seems to be that we knowingly and lovingly support a Nazi lunatic because that's who we are as a people. That's about as unfair as saying the French voted in Jacques Chirac the last time because they love adulterous scumbags who embezzle millions from the city of Paris. Whereas what really went down was that his opponent in that election was Jean Marie Le Pen and there was NO way they were going to vote in a literal fascist (we're not talking about the rhetoric about Trump, Le Pen is an unashamed white power scumbag) who literally campaigned on concentration camps, branding non-whites, and forcibly deporting them at gunpoint - using EVERY bit of machinery of the Nazi solution to do so. Look at who we have to choose from in this election. Believe me, we literally could do worse.

Anyway, most people with a tenth of a brain realize that what Trump is doing is playing a character, and many think that once he actually DOES get into power he's going to throw the racists, evangelicals and other crazies under the bus and actually run a more centrist platform. After all, he is a good friend of the Clintons.

Ben Carson is out. The doddering brain surgeon couldn't even quit the race properly. Christie and Bush are out as well. Kasich is out soon too: it's looking like a three way contest between Marco Rubio, Cruz, and Trump, with Trump the clear favorite.

On the other side of the aisle, the Democrats are having some significant problems. Hillary Clinton swept Super Tuesday, and the Democrat machine wants her coronation to go as smoothly as possible. So they'd very much like Bernie Sanders and his supporters to, in the words of a Democrat party official, "get in line". Except that what the Democrat machine doesn't realize is that Sanders ran for many, MANY years as an independent and though he has personally pledged to support the Democrats in the case of him not being nominated, the same cannot necessarily be said of his supporters - to the surprise of the Clinton campaign. They assumed that the good little Democrats would simply transfer their votes to her, and whereas they may be correct to some degree, the campaign cannot rely on his supporters, just like the Clinton people dutifully supported Barack Obama. But Hillary supporters are not the same as Sanders supporters - many of whom are angry, activist and want change. In Hillary, they see the vampire squid Goldman Sachs, an entity of which she is a paid employee, wrapping its tentacles harder around government.

Clinton whines that she and Bernie voted 98% the same way, so they're just the same right? Wrong. For starters, Bernie's always been for people of color and for trans rights. Clinton waited until it was politically advantageous to do so. 

Some are likely to throw their vote to the Green Party, whose platform of single payer healthcare and free education mirror Sanders' - and some are actually planning on switching their allegiance to Trump. Which seems ridiculous if you analyze it in the sense of one Democrat vs another - and a LOT more sense when you realize these voters want someone who isn't an establishment drone on the corporate payroll helping the rich get richer. Whether it's Sanders tossing a grenade into the machine, or Trump - they don't care who it is or who does it. "Bern or Burn" is their literal slogan - if they can't fix it, they'll burn it to the ground and let the chips fall where they may. If enough Sanders supporters vote Green, they gain official party status, and that splits the vote on the left forever. If enough vote Trump, batten down the hatches.

Which has upset the Democrat base, mostly northern Baby Boomer white women comfortable in their own pantsuits aghast at the thought of burning it all down. The ones who openly mocked Sanders supporters for "wanting free stuff" are now crying out "But what about my Social Security? What about the system which was set up to coddle me? What happens to that if Trump burns it down?" Well, that system was set up by Franklin Delano Roosevelt - a progressive who brought in, bitterly and with much fighting - a program which lifted many out of poverty and which many seniors in the Clinton camp are relying on. If FDR had been on the payroll of Daddy Warbucks, they'd have starved in the dark. The reason the kids want a progressive is that they have an accurate view of history - in which income inequality is a huge problem (and one that Clinton and Obama made far far worse in the past eight years) fixed by bigger taxes on the rich and government spending on infrastructure and education. Not a pantsuit, a silly dance on Ellen and a pat on the back from Goldman Sachs.

Another major surprise is that the South carried Clinton overwhelmingly because the black vote turned its back on Sanders. Intriguing, since Clinton was part and parcel of jailing black men in droves to enrich the prison corporations, calling them "superpredators" she promised to "bring to heel". She similarly responded to a young activist Black Lives Matter queer woman of color by ordering her to "shut up" and saying she'd "talk to her later". Whereas Sanders was active during the civil rights years and when BLM wanted to interrupt his speech, he handed them the mic, so he could listen rather than tell them what to do and think.

The longer this goes on, the more barbs Hillary takes. She's an employee of Goldman Sachs. She flip flops and will throw people under the bus for votes and political expediency. She's a war hawk. She broke laws and belongs in jail. The more this campaign goes on, the worse she will be seen by the population at large, and there's a HUGE Republican turnout that is just ITCHING to punch Hillary Clinton in the face over and over and over and over again. So the Clinton people want Sanders to "behave" and quit, because for the good of her election it would be nice if he and his friends could just vote for her and have eight more years of her making more money. So her challenge, should she win - and though she has a commanding lead, her firewall in the South is finished and we're heading into the West, where there are younger, more activist, more liberal voters and many more delegates - is to figure out just how the hell to let Sanders and his people off "gently" without storming them off to the Trump camp.

There's also the small matter of Bill holding a rally right outside a Massachussetts polling station, telling Sanders voters that the polls were closed. That is illegal. Keep in mind Bill Clinton was found guilty of lying under oath, and Hillary might very well soon be indicted for routing top secret material through a personal email server - which isn't just an oversight, it's a felony. The Clintons' cavalier attitude towards following the law is increasingly becoming problematic, and dirty tricks turn off undecided voters.

And as the polls stand right now, Sanders beats Trump, Clinton draws even with Trump. Given the voluminous hatred on the right for Clinton, and the growing hatred on the left - she may very well pull it off, but the victory is going to certainly be Pyrrhic in many ways. 

Yesterday I had my massage, once every two weeks.

At first I talked about the horrors of the past two weeks. Why is it family that can be most horrible? Because we are most vulnerable with them, I suppose, and we hope against hope that they will love us when we are authentic. And some families don't.

Then I became quiet. My throat muscles kept trying to spasm, so I was doing the physical therapy breathing to relax the muscles. In and then blow out slowly through pursed lips, to keep the throat relaxed

and I fell out into that other place. I see visions. I was back in my body in a moment.

"Did you feel me drop?"

"Yes." I lose contact with my body, so if I am pushing against his hand as instructed, I stop. I am gone.

"I saw an Egyptian painted wall, with Anubis, with the the black dog head. It was beautiful."

Next drop: "A landscape, trees and hills, like one of my mother's etchings, fading daylight."

Next drop: I forget.

Next drop: This drop was long.

"Was that long?"


"My foot moved."

"Not just your foot. Your left shoulder was trying to do something. Waves across the muscles."

I don't remember what I saw on that drop.

He says that other people drop out too, but that they do not come back and relate visions. Sometimes they snore.

Every vision has been peaceful and beautiful except for the one frightening one: the reliving of my dream about the stars falling and that the stars are angels. And then that I am falling too and crying because I am frightened even though I don't resist.

Maybe I am dropping into heaven. I hope so. It is so beautiful. And Unitarians apparently do not believe in hell.

And then I wonder if other people, people who believe in hell, drop there. It makes me sad, thinking that. I hope not. I hope everyone goes to heaven.

Had a really weird dream last night. For some reason my ex was over and I asked him about installing the dishwasher that's been sitting in my garage. Shockingly he said yes, this is how I know it was really a dream, then my youngest daughter was there and I think my aunt and uncle were too. My ex bought a bunch of furniture for my oldest daughter's room. I freaked out when I saw it and got into a fight with her about what to do about it. I dream a lot and I don't think there's a lot of mystery about this dream. I saw my youngest daughter and my ex at church last night, he was picking her up from school, I'm worried about the girls and my housing situation so I'm sure the dream is a reflection of that and nothing to get too worked up about during my waking hours.

The other day my neighbor dropped off some coconut flour that she thought I could use. It was a very nice gesture, that stuff is very expensive, so I thought making muffins for her family would be a nice way to repay her. There was a recipe on the back, but of course I couldn't follow the manufacturer's instructions. I had a good experience with cranberry zuchhini muffins in the past, I think I even wrote up this variation in the banana muffins node, I had cranberries, zucchini, and thought the red and green would be cheery. My first problem was not having any vanilla. Fish sauce is the same color, but I abandoned my idea of adding it in the hopes that nobody would notice the substitution. 

The dough was very thick and heavy when I added it to the muffin forms. Several minutes after the muffins were in the oven I noticed that I hadn't added the coconut oil to them. There were six eggs in the recipe which sounded excessive to me, but that part I did adhere to knowing how dry coconut flour can be. It's kind of hard to describe these muffins, but I'll do my best. Imagine a bland eggy crustless quiche with zucchini, cranberries, and a very odd onion flavor. They weren't the worst things I had ever eaten, but they were disappointing to say the least. In other news I'm getting together with a classmate for homework and study time at Starbucks. This is the fun part about being in school and I'm looking forward to it. 

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