Everything Death Ray! The only known repellant of the Everything Death Borg, this is the modern equivalent of the cattle prod. Should EDB get in a fit of bloodlust, the EDR should be summoned to fry 'im!

The Everything Death Ray, under normal circumstances, may be controlled only by Everything 2's editors. This is a preventative measure, since the EDR's evil death rays prove damaging to EDB's fragile psyche; The Day the EDB ate Himself is a good example of of what happens as a result of prolonged exposure to EDR.

EDR has built-in checks against its satellite-based EDB-tracking system accidentally blowing a hole through a hapless noder, but it's unknown whether the security of the EDR system is faultless. Just in case, I'd say the safest place to stand would be not under a tree, but rather directly underneath EDB: should EDR attempt to zap you, it will merely be dissipated upon our favorite borg-flavored lightning rod. Hug an EDB today.

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