A handy tool for global domination, frequently utilized by mad scientists, international megalomaniacs, supervillains, and invaders from Mars. The best ones are powered by atomic energy and fire lethal lasers which annihilate all life forms. Less effective weapons might be powered by chocolate milk, or might only destroy aardvarks. Do it right the first time, and the world is yours.

Addendum: Transitional Man sez: "While in Air Force ROTC in the late fifties, my father saw a film of an Army death ray. It was carried by a semi and would kill a rabbit at 100 yards. Of course they had to cage the rabbit so the beam would hit. I have no idea how it worked." Okay, I'm all in favor of death rays for world conquest, international blackmail, and random murders of television news pundits, but killing cute widdle bunnies? THIS IS TOO MUCH!

A long running project of mine. Really a computer controlled laser projector. Once we were carrying it while it was still under construction, and somebody asked, "What is it?" Before my partner could answer, I said, "My deathray!"

For the curious, it has had three physical manifestations.

  1. The Mark-I
    Two stepper motors with cams controlled a mirror on a ball joint. The laser was fired at the mirror and the beam would be deflected at "controlled" angles. Really just was a bad idea. Thing sounded like a machine gun and tore itself apart during "normal" operation. On a positive note: nearly blinded the high school principle.
  2. The Mark-II
    A two axis galvanometer scanner setup with a laser diode. Connected to the computer through some latches and two DAC's. Had good results. Introduced us to the non-linear dynamics of galvonometer response. Computer could not maintain the 1uS timing required to keep up.
  3. The Mark-III
    A newer two axis galvonometer scanner setup with a laser diode. New features: a microcontroller and better amplifiers. About 80% finished.

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