Think again before you try
To impale a floating eye.
If you miss it with your sword,
You may soon be very bored.

--The Roguelet's ABC

The floating eye is a particularly dangerous moonster in nethack. Though it cannot attack you directly, you will find yourself paralyzed upon attacking it. "You are frozen by the floating eye's gaze!" This will leave you vulnerable to other attacks, and often results in a YASD. Common strategies to defeat floating eyes include:
  • Ranged attacks, such as force bolt, arrows, or just throwing rocks will not result in paralysis
  • Wearing a ring of free action will protect from paralysis. "You stiffen momentarily under the floating eye's gaze!"
  • Being blind will protect from the floating eye's attack
  • Having reflection will protect, as well. "The floating eye's gaze is relected by your foo!"
  • Making the floating eye invisible will make its attack useless, unless you have see invisible
  • Blinding the eye will prevent it from attacking you, as well

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