casting some ominous shadow of 
overwhelming loss from
summer days to the time
for a silent gaze of a 

stranger smiles at me because 
they've yet to feel the pain
of ages that rests on my shoulder
the burden of others whose strength 

is a matter of 
               m e n t a l  p r o w e s s

and though it eludes footsteps from a
silent fingertip across the cheek of a humans
are more or equal than less two cents
worth of thought that escapes my mind 

landing across from a setting moon 
shine is the source of my false happiness
is not a smile or an action but it is
a feeling from the depths of soul
          s  to the floor and lands aside yours
accompany me through the night until the last
moment of silence for those who could not be
here to share a most intriguing life but instead
have found comfort in the serenity of death.

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