Welcome to Edev, folkarinos.

You have been given some new rights on the system -- most significantly, read rights to htmlcode, htmlpage, dbtable, container, nodetype, nodelet and opcode nodetypes.

I also have given you a viewcode option in the Everything Developer nodelet. You can go to any superdoc (ie The front page, Everything User Search, User Settings, etc) and check out the machinery behind it (as well as any htmlcodes it calls)...

The purpose of all this is to give you a chance to poke around, and see how the guts of this thing works. If you have questions, msg me or email me <nate@oostendorp.net>

Your first assignment (all assignments are optional) is to find the worst looking code on the system. There are some doozies... -- post in this node (use the don't display in New Writeups option) and use wharfinger's e2 source code formatter if you want to quote something. (or a view source in your browser)



First none-nate post! (And second Nathan post.)

Okey-dokey, to get the ball rolling (a là huge ball that tries to squish Indiana Jones) I have a multi-part question: How current is this Everthing (E2) in relation to the stuff that is downloadable from Everydevel? Essentially, I want to know if generic Everything-engine functions are more updated in the EveryDevel download, or view source on E2.

nate sez -- this Everything is running off a heavily tweaked version of the 0.8 core -- the 0.9 core is more up to date (except in a few places where I haven't applied changes on E2)

Ok, I had a question about this, but figured it out on my own; since others may ask it, I'll ask it now, and answer myself (yes, I'm lonely...)
Question: Is it better to post replies to the writeup that is "edevified" or create a new e2node and "edevify" it? Or should it be like a wimpy threading system, where new thoughts are edevified and follow-ups are written to an old "edev" link?
Answer: No; invalid question. :) (Edevify! only works per writeup, so you can create your writeup wherever you want, and then edevify your (or anybody else's) writeup)

(ok, one last minor ? - does the below-mentioned permission changes mean that the redone permission system is now working here? (no reason why I'm asking, just wondering))

nate sez -- nope. The new permission system is in 0.9 only. This is only a simple group-based permission using usergroups

Is there any way we can search for all superdocs on the system? I'm still not completely certain about how the CGI parameters work, and I really don't know if there's any superdoc that only returns nodes of a given type.

nate sez -- you can search with ?node=SUPERDOCNAME&type=superdoc or you can check the Everything Document Directory
N-Wing says: thanks to chromatic, edevites can now also use List Nodes of Type, which lists nodes of a certain type

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