How to drop kick - pick something up. Hold above your foot. Drop. Before ground impact, extend your leg in a course that will bring your shoe into contact with the object. This should give the object greater forward and upward velocity than traditional kicking methods. Differs from the standard in the fact that the object is elevated, then allowed to fall before the foot is brought into rapid contact with it, instead of kicking a stationary object.

Where I'm from, what coldguy has described is called a punt. A drop kick differs from a punt in the way that the person who is kicking lets the ball (or object of choice) make contact with the ground just before contact is made with the foot. This type of kick is often seen in the game of rugby. It's quite hard to drop kick without practice, because things bounce in different ways and one must be prepared.

A professional wrestling move. One of the classic moves that every wrestler should be able to do.


  1. Position you and your opponent a little farther than arm length away. You should be stationary, your opponent can be stationary, or running towards you. Advanced drop kickers can have the opponent jumping through the air at them.
  2. Jump up. Higher the better, as long as it's not higher than the part of your opponent you want to drop kick. Some people perform a variant of a low drop kick. They jump very low, to target the opponent's legs. Or a prone opponent's face.
  3. Get horizontal. Clasically, horizontal, with your shoulders perpendicular to the floor. This means you are looking sideways. Jeff Hardy does a variation where his shoulders are parallel to the ground, and he's looking straight up.
  4. Kick your opponent. It usually ends up looking more like pushing off your opponent with both legs. Both legs is the key here.
  5. End of on the floor. You should end up lying on the floor, while your opponent...
  6. ... suffers devastating damage. Frequently, the target is blasted out the ring over the ropes. Sometimes, they stagger around the middle of the ring, ready to accept a whole series of drop kicks, or perhaps some other wrestling move.

I think drop kicks are actually hard to make look good, and that's why you don't see it very much anymore.

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