I was walking down the road of Ivalo, right near the traffic circle, when I noticed a girl and her friend (they go everything together) walking from the library towards the school. I turned left, to the school, when my annoying friend appeared out of nowhere, though I can't remember him saying anything. He tagged along, and while I cursed that in my mind, I held my peace. We decided to take a shortcut through the woods to school (though there isn't one in Ivalo), and arrived to a ridge near a rocky beach. The girls were opening a door, which was locked, and said "it's locked. come this way". I eyed them curiously but complied, and proceeded left along the beach. We stumbled down the ridge and noticed a building with a terrace, stairs to the terrace and a backdoor which was backwards (in place of a key it had that thing you can use to open the door from inside without a key). I headed towards that building though they said it was no use, and when I got there and tried to open the door, I felt resistance, stepped back and saw a man stepping out of the door. He was shorter than me, slightly tanned, with a flat, crooked face and too large eyes. He screamed at me something unintelligible and told me to get lost off their property. I nodded, key, ok, chill dude, and told him I just wanted to get to them (I pointed towards the beach, but curiously, the terrace had turned into a corridor in that kind of house which has many floors and lots of small apartments in every floor, and my finger point to the wall. He then told me and my friend to use the left stairs (we had come from right stairs, back when it was still a terrace). I looked over the fence, and it seemed as if stairs begun there, but it seemed there was a hole in them, only there wasn't when I told him, and then I noticed it was just an optical illusion and I was looking at stairs 3 meters below. I then went to the right stairs, and when he closed the door, turned back, hid somewhere near the door and told my friend to distract him somehow. So he tried to open the door again, and as man appearing screaming obscenities again, I slipped inside.

Inside it was dark, or maybe misty, I remember gray color, and I couldn't see much. I ran around, looking for a place to hide, though I didn't make any sound while running. I stumbled into a kitchen, and around the table there was sitting a man-shaped figure. I ran past him, though it felt like I gliding rather than running and had suddenly turned smaller because he didn't seem to notice me, so I hid to a closet in that kitchen, though it then turned into a place under a table of an integrated kitchen, so that instead of two legs the table was just fixed to the wall and on left and right from the table were just drawers which too were fixed to the wall. I hid there behind kitchen ladders and a bedding cover, the sort of one sleeps under, which was hanging over the table. Then the man from the door came and sat to the table with other man, and they started talking about how the competition (I think) must not be known by anyone in advance, as the plans may yet change and it would just confuse people. I thought to myself, they noticed me and are trying to fool me, so I looked from a hole in my cover or something at the left man, who was just taking a long drink from something and then turned to look straight at me, and as I turned to look the right one he did the same.

So they came towards me, dragged me out from my hiding place and dragged me to door, telling me to get lost. I was about to leave when he grabbed me and said something very clicheic, then poked at my too large adam's apple in my skinny throat with something sharp, and though I didn't feel pain I had an image of a small nick on my throat, so I ran down the stairs and out, I was again in the woods, so I ran right left and then away from river through the woods (and I think there were orcs in the woods, either now or the first time), and emerged in Uruvaara, a place in my home village inari where many of my cousins live, so I figured, I should get some help/medical attention, and headed to my cousin's home, though for some reason I didn't go to my second cousin's home which was nearer, nor did I take a shortcut, but used the sandy road. As I was nearing the door, I thought to myself, "our species is a predator one. we have sharp claws and teeth, just like [some animals I can't remember, except cat]". I went in and there was my cousin's mother, though suddenly she was my mother too, and I asked there if there was anything wrong with my throat. I suddenly saw an image of a wide cut through my throat and lots of blood, though there hadn't been any pain and there wasn't much blood on my hand when I touched my throat while running throught the woods. She then said my throat would have to be cut again (and I thought of those liquids people put in wounds to help them heal which hurt like hell),

and then I woke up.

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