So I was visiting my friends who lived down the hall from me last year. Apparently they had just bought a pet weasel. The pet weasel was the grand strand of continuity in my dream. I think it changed sizes throughout the dream.

Sometimes it was long and snakey.

Sometimes it was tiny like a millipede.

Sometimes it had four legs.

Sometimes it had hundreds of legs.

But it was always there.

They kept their pet weasel in a weasel cage, much like a hampster cage, with a little wheel and some other toys. Just as often, though, they let their pet run around the room freely. I was often worried that somebody would step on it, especially the times when it was so small that it could run across my hand.

Well, anyway, this dream felt like it should have featured Sam & Max, the comic characters, and stars of Lucasarts' Sam & Max Hit the Road. To the best of my memory, I never saw them, but I could feel their presence. See, this dream was sort of a mystery. The villain was an actor: that guy who played the President in Independence Day and starred in The Game. I can't remember his name. It's not important. He stole something, and I had to catch him.

I followed him around a lot of basements and cellars that all seemed to blur into one another. Sometimes I would be hot on his trail and chase him through the woods.

Every once in a while, I'd be back in my friends' dorm room with their pet weasel. I was worried he would burst through the door and attack the weasel. Then I would be back chasing after him again. I flip-flopped between scenes until I awoke.

It was a jewelry store. Or a store that sells crystals, hanging from the ceiling. She worked behind a long glass counter and all those mirrors reflected light in and around everything else.

Tall, short dark hair and silver earrings that caught that light and threw it right back. Eyes the colour of blue marbles. She walked down the length of the counter as I came in but said nothing. Where there other customers? I don't remember. But there was music, a calliope, like from a carousel. And the little glass horses, the minature ones on the counter, spun around as the music played. She did a spin to match their movement and her feet left the floor.

And I woke up.

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