I and a friend of mine were driving around the city, and since some shop gave out free helium balloons, I had gotten one on both rearview mirrors of my car. Suddenly I got a good idea and turned back to get more balloons, which I filled the cargo space of my car with. The car was just light enough to float, but my friend kept it on ground while I tied it to a fire hydrant with a rope. I told him to let the car go, and it floated in the air someway above the fire hydrant. That looked funny, and a lot of people came around it in amazement. I got an idea of making more cool things, and since the Statue Of Liberty was in Kokkola, I thought about making it hold a balloon in its hand. I somehow got an ermonous yellow balloon, but when I started filling it with methane, I noticed that I couldnt turn off the filling valve. I decided to leave the area before the huge methane-balloon would explode, and when other people noticed it, they panicked. There was a Vault-Tec (from Fallout) building nearby, and since some of the prepared citizen started evacuating, I decided I'd need to get in there too. I got myself a scooter and climbed to the roof of a building next to the Vault-Tec, and went to the opposite edge of the tilted roof. I kicked myself speed, and when I got to the edge of the roof, I jumped off the scooter and managed to land on the slightly lower roof of the Vault-Tec building. The roof breaked from the impact, and I fell through the roof of a truck stopped inside as well. When I finally landed on some survival equipment, I just laid there for a while, and saw a driver get in the truck before going unconscious...

I dont know how long it had been, but when I got half awake, I was inside an underground vault, and there were lots of people working around me. I asked what they were doing, and someone told out a list of medical injuries I had. Things sounded pretty bad, and I blacked out again..

I woke up all patched up, and because everyone had been hasty with the evacuation, no one could know I shouldnt be there. A man from the medical staff came and asked some questions, while the vault overseer and some other people watched from someway further. One of them shouted a question the staff member should ask, and from his voice I recognised him as my friend. I knew he had to be resurrected with the new technique where the body of a person is cloned and his brainpattern is copied into it, so I shouted "I like clones!". Everyone wondered how I had recognised him as a clone immediately, and I decided to keep him wondering about it for a while.. As the staff got me up to the date, it turned out that the third world war had started in the form of clan wars, and it was fought with Mechas.

I joined the battle, and got into command of a squad. I had tracked the enemy leader down to an ermonous underground mainetance hangar, and after having destroyed the resistance there, I got to the elevator and headed down to the commanders Mecha, that had gotten away to the lower level. His Mecha was red and bigger than mine, and in close combat I managed to stuff a explosive into a crack on his Mecha before getting into the elevator for escaping the blast. I got into halfway of the elevator shaft before the lower part of the shaft was engulfed in flames and flying debris, and as I got to my squadmates to tell about my victory, I woke up..

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