• Some of the books I want to loan out were stolen from the library. Mom makes sure I get receipts for them all.
  • I broke the thermometer (IRL, in the lab at work), but I forgot , so when I go to measure the temperature of the boiling hot {tea? coffee? soup?}, mercury drips on my hand. Oh no! if I don't wash it off, I'll have to get blood tests for mercury poisoning! I hate needles, so I wash with strong dish soap. Aunt Susan helps. There is still mercury on me but it's time for another dream.
  • The roach coach won't start - I suspect the starter motor. By the time I have made my diagnosis, the driver has closed it all up, even the U-Haul trailer on the back. I quickly select some candy and 2% milk; not what I really want, but it's all that's accessible. As I pay the driver, segue to...
  • public service message about keeping your purse closed and wallets in deep pockets so no one pickpockets you and you don't lose your rent money out on the street.
  • Christina Ricci is in my math class. I'm busy munching on a bagel (from the roach coach?), so it takes an agonizing chewing time before I can blurt out, "I hear you're very smart, you should have no problem." She smiles a sunshine ray on me before she goes to talk to the teacher. Another girl says "she's being weird, I don't like her." To this girl I say "I never met anyone I could really call 'normal'" - twice, because that mouthful of bagel is in the way again.
  • Three men (or women) were eating a man's (or a woman's) foot. It was quite graphical and disturbing.
  • I surfed over to E2 to discover that soft-links were now displayed on the left side, organized by which user created the soft-link. Someone was telling me about the new feature, but I don't know who it was.

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I ran away from a family argument to a broken down wooden hut on another planet. There were three suns, all yellow-orange. There was a lot of mud and dust about; the track to the hill was muddy but passable.

The hut had a cellar where I discovered a portal to a large basement. There were monsters there and I shot some of them.

The rest of the monsters chased me through a tunnel from the basement to outside. I fought one monster hand to hand; he had the face of a school tormentor, but I won.

I escaped the planet in a Cobra Mark III spaceship, Dream Girl was there (curvy as ever) but we didn't smooch. I piloted the ship back home by slowing the orbit down relative to the sun (where the other suns went, I don't know). Perhaps I was on Mars

I made my peace with my Mum before waking up.

In explanation, I have just read Moving Mars by Greg Bear

I took a nap today. During it I dreamed that I argued an anarchist viewpoint to an authoritarian school janitor.

It began when he said that it was annoying how *grumble* 1 in 4 *grumble* kids just wanted to mess everything up. A short while later, I said to him that, in a system with more freedom, it wouldn't matter if 1 in 4 people tried to mess everything up, because the other 3 will work to fix it back up. He allowed as how this could be true, and then asked me what party held those views. I said that the anarchist party did (?!), and he replied that he really didn't like the views of that party. End of Dream.

What a good dream for Independence Day!

What is the anarchist party? I would think that most anarchists would have a strong aversion to the sort of huge, corrupt political organizations known as "parties" in our system. Perhaps I should have said (Yow! I think I'll second-guess myself in my dream!) that the Libertarian party would hold those beliefs.

Food for thought? Spam for thought?

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