My friend Andrew was made of mashed potatoes. He just woke up one morning and ended up the product of some poor pureed spud. He enjoyed it, and encouraged us all to throw things such as butter and bacon at him. However, his delight ended when we decided we were hungry.
Ok, again, one of my long flowing dreams... this one i remmber pretty clearly...

  • My girlfriend and i were somewhere, there was no pretext to why we were there, but it was down the block from my old house, and we lived in my old house. Or at least i did, she still lived somewhere else. There were a non-trivial number of people in the house, seemed like a party of sorts was going on, possibly for the 4th of july. We decided to take a bath together. Something i have always wanted to do, along with a shower, the shower more because its reasonable here, but at that house, there was a bathtub. So we took a bath. It was like a sponge bath, i was washing her. At the end we decided she wanted her hair washed. No shampoo. So i got out, naked as the day i was born, and jogged home to grab my shampoo. Fortunatly, noone saw me swinging in the breeze to and from my house.i got back in the tub, squirted out some shampoo, and promptly woke up. Pout.
I was in a large convention room with certain members of my family, a few hanger-ons, whathaveyou. There were other tables, other people. Moderate noise level. We were sitting at a table by the wall, being moderately pleasant to one another, when I see Kevin Poulsen working as a bus boy. He's wearing one of those fake gold crowns with the styrofoam padding inside the base, and it's slipping down his forehead. I think we had a brief conversation, but I don't quite remember.

And then I did an interpretive dance about it when I woke up.

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