I took a nap today. During it I dreamed that I argued an anarchist viewpoint to an authoritarian school janitor.

It began when he said that it was annoying how *grumble* 1 in 4 *grumble* kids just wanted to mess everything up. A short while later, I said to him that, in a system with more freedom, it wouldn't matter if 1 in 4 people tried to mess everything up, because the other 3 will work to fix it back up. He allowed as how this could be true, and then asked me what party held those views. I said that the anarchist party did (?!), and he replied that he really didn't like the views of that party. End of Dream.

What a good dream for Independence Day!

What is the anarchist party? I would think that most anarchists would have a strong aversion to the sort of huge, corrupt political organizations known as "parties" in our system. Perhaps I should have said (Yow! I think I'll second-guess myself in my dream!) that the Libertarian party would hold those beliefs.

Food for thought? Spam for thought?