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I ran away from a family argument to a broken down wooden hut on another planet. There were three suns, all yellow-orange. There was a lot of mud and dust about; the track to the hill was muddy but passable.

The hut had a cellar where I discovered a portal to a large basement. There were monsters there and I shot some of them.

The rest of the monsters chased me through a tunnel from the basement to outside. I fought one monster hand to hand; he had the face of a school tormentor, but I won.

I escaped the planet in a Cobra Mark III spaceship, Dream Girl was there (curvy as ever) but we didn't smooch. I piloted the ship back home by slowing the orbit down relative to the sun (where the other suns went, I don't know). Perhaps I was on Mars

I made my peace with my Mum before waking up.

In explanation, I have just read Moving Mars by Greg Bear