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  • oh no, where have I put the invitation, she will never let me in if I can't find it. But I found it, folded up and crummy in the bottom of my purse - I got to her house and realized I was silly, she would have let me in without it. Suddenly, we were friends.

  • Lily Calmelson was a lot like the mom from Tumbleweed and was beautiful, beautiful. We listend to Bach that night. I knew she was tattooed all over her belly and I wanted to kiss her there but didn't want to lift her shirt without her permission, didn't want to scare her. I was her ex-husband. How had we re-met each other so well? Then I was her, and afraid, but so full of life for him. We moved slowly and I knew nothing we could do would be wrong. We trusted ourselves. I ran my hand down one arm, Lily, Lily.
  • I feel a sense of imminent tension. The clouds form a storm and it starts to rain. Something lights the clouds, falling into light...

    I wake up in the forest, but it is very quiet. I can't hear the wind, or the sound of the water. I go to where the waterfall should be, and I stumble. Everything goes dark, then explodes into bright fire.

    I wake up. I feel like I'm burning. I can't move for a while, then I finally get out of bed with a dull headache.

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