Last night I had a dream that I had just quit my job in Virginia and that while driving back to Albuquerque I decided to just stay in Tennessee and go to grad school there. The city I ended up in was like a big street festival, with lots of people and street music and stuff all over. The city was very bicycle-friendly for the most part (the city speed limit was about 15 MPH), but getting to the university was a major pain, since around the campus were lots of trip wires which made my bicycle slide down the whole length of them like in the boardgame Sorry!.

In any case, I finally found campus and immediately fell in love with it, because they had an outdoor bar. However, they didn't have any beer worth mention; they'd never even heard of Corona. I made do with a Heineken, but they didn't seem to know what a lime was either - instead of squeezing a lime into my beer (like I asked), they put in a slice of zucchini.

I searched high and low for an apartment or house to live in, and finally found an apartment which is just like the house I'm currently living in in Las Cruces, but it was too noisy for my home theater, and so I decided to kill myself.

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  • scanning for the very handsome man in orange tea-colored shirt in the kids' department. I made three people help me look but he was gone.

  • Eric (bad stupid Eric) came over cursing and yelling before he even got inside. Broke a bottle of beer in the hallway, the carpet soaked. I told him to watch his mouth in my house. He told me to shut the hell up. I looked around expecting someone to come to my defense, but they were all terrified. I realized how much bigger he was than me, how much damage he might cause. I decided to slink off and call the cops, report an intruder.

  • Thinking back on all the times I'd called the copps. Intruders, overdoses, danger. (note - these never happened.)

  • Brea had found that good interesting book I kept meaning to read. Cookbook? recipes and stories about them?

  • An Irish book mislabeled as Spanish, pissed me right off

  • trying to write black on black, frustrated

  • Marietta will always know more than me

  • getting high and glazing into sleep

  • Climbing with Noah, impossibly high on a shattered structure, a dead castle, giant tinkertoys? We could see nothing but the platforms we were immediately standing on, so we couldn't know exactly how high we were, but my brain compensated for the lack of sight, supplying its own vertigo, and I was suddenly so dizzy I had to hold onto anything I could, to keep from tumbling down for miles and miles.
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