I was outside, near my car with my two children. The day was bright and warm and sunny. I was feeling very, very happy. My son was much younger than he is in real life(16), he was about five or six years old. He had on a bathing suit, no shoes, and was skateboarding. I was suddenly worried that he would get hurt. He fell, of course, and skinned both knees very badly and hurt his hand and came crying to me. Blood was running down his legs and his arm. He was very upset and crying. I felt very distressed and guilty for letting him skateboard. I comforted him, put him in the car, and wrapped him in towels to stop the bleeding and keep him warm. (In real life, he had so little body fat as a child, he could only swim for about 15 minutes before he would begin shivering and his lips would turn blue.)

Later in the dream, it was the last day of school for the year. I was in a middle school, talking to Erica's old teacher. She offered to have Erica come back and take remedial classes from her for a week starting tomorrow, to help her. I thought this was very generous and kind, but wondered how Erica would react, since she had already graduated from high school. I wondered also how I would get Erica to do it, because it would be a wonderful thing.

i'm driving craig's red jeep wrangler down the turnpike. i don't really know how to drive stick, but i wouldn't say i'm doing a bad job. it goes from light to dark outside, and i continue driving, not getting any better or worse. i frequently grind the gears. the clutch feels unusually stiff.

I look over at my husband and he waves something at me. 'Look! It's a new penis!' He turns away from me for a moment, does something, and there it is, a brand new penis. It has a grey cast to it's flesh tone and is a little bit bigger than my beloved's original.

I stand there with my jaw hanging open. 'How the hell did you do that?' He looks at me like duh. 'I took my old one off and put the new one on.' He hands me his old penis. I stare at it and then back at him. 'That's not possible. You'd have to sever nerves and blood vessels and you wouldn't ... I want to see you do it.'

He turns to the side so I can see a profile. He takes his old penis back, sorta slides it over the current one and then does ... something, and the new penis is attached and the grey one is being handed back to me. I'm like, wtf, this has to be a dream.

He turns to reattach the grey one, but I jerk him forward to face me and see what is actually going on.

His original penis is not real

I see that his real real penis is actually about the size and shape of my pinkie finger, a bloodshot purple/flesh color, like an elbow. This entire time, his supposed original penis was just a sheath that fit over his little pathetic non-penis.

At my incredulous and shocked expression, he says defensively, 'It's completely non functional. It's always been that way. How am I supposed to deal with a non-functional penis?'

I struggle with myself for a bit. I love him. I can deal with this.

'Well', I half joke, 'As long as this is not a genetic thing that'll get passed on to our kids..'

He gives me a flat stare. 'I'm sterile.'

I look toward the ceiling and start to wail.

He laughs and turns away.

I wake up.

tell me what my dream means.

I am on one of those new Airplanes. You know, the one that has an actual jogging track installed around the outside. It is a treacherous catwalk, about a yard wide, that runs around the outside of the entire plane. For aerodynamic purposes, it has several gaps in the path along the sides of the plane, basically one gap every window. I am sitting on the left wing of the plane, watching a group of joggers round the back of the plane and jump the gaps as they run up the left side towards the cockpit. The plane is in taxi to the runway, and I tell the joggers that they should probably get inside before they blow away. They don't listen to me, but as they pass the wing, the lead runner trips, and soon they are all spilled out over the wing. The mess is exacerbated by the fact that the pilot has performed some test that makes the back two thirds of the wing to elevate.

The Airport we are in is not one big contiguous patch of land. Our plane's route to the runway passes through a kind of back alley in a residential neighborhood. Looking back over the wing, I see that we are passing over several small wind power generators that are spinning furiously in the plane's backwash. There are a few different models of wind generators, but they all have "AIRPORT PROPERTY" stenciled on them in faded red paint. I look over at the houses that we are passing, and I see that many are quite nice. I wonder how the residents can live with the noise we make.

I don't stay with the dream long enough to see what happens when we take off.

So apparently there's these dirty mountain trails leading to the dorms, instead of like paved roads or anything. Aside from that, the architecture is about the same. Oh yeah, and the trails are absolutely littered with ethernet cables. Under the dirt, on the side, inside protective tubes, any which way you could imagine.

The people will share their data. There is nothing you can do to stop them. There is an entire subnet just for downloading movies.

Okay that was a really dorky dream.

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