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Give no warning, take no prisoners, leave no traces, show no mercy.
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Dream Log: January 31, 2000
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Steven Moore was born on the 3rd of March, 1980 in a hospital in Worcester, England, and is not yet dead (or if he is, he hasn't noticed).

He's about 5'6", with dark brown, fairly long, unmanageable, possibly sentient hair and deep hazel eyes. He has an accent so English, even English people laugh at it. Worryingly, he's not sure how he acquired this.

Either he tends to congregate with weird people, or weird people instinctively find him like some sort of strange attractor. Strange person attractor, that is. He doesn't mind, because he's seen some of the people that call themselves normal and figures that he's probably onto a good thing, given that weird people are, generally, more original and fun.

Hence, his being here.