Title: Dragon Wars
Developer: Interplay
Publisher: Interplay
Date Published: 1989
Platforms: Apple II, PC, Commodore 64

One distinguishing feature of Dragon Wars as opposed to other classic CRPG's is the use of a skill system rather than a class system. Each character is created using fifty skill points. These points could be put into skills or attributes, or saved for later. Two more skill points are gained at each level. So characters weren't restricted to certain classes or combinations of classes.

Another notable characteristic is the blend of various mythologies. For example, the prison in which the game begins is known as Purgatory, a reference to Catholic beliefs. Purgatory is located in the island group Dilmun, which is a mythical Sumerian place. The city of Necropolis is taken from the Greek myths. And, oddly enough, there are secret magical police known as the Stosstrupen.

Dragon Wars was programmed by Bill Heineman.

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