The silver dragon is a traditional monster in both fantasy fiction and role-playing games.

Silver dragons are one of the larger species of dragons. They are amongst the nicest and most helpful species of dragons. They abhor violence and spend most of their lives posing as humans. They particularly like to take the forms of pretty young women or wise old men. Although mated silver dragons will usually select the forms of middle aged couples.

Silver dragons are hatched from eggs and they come out blue-gray with silver blue highlights, as the dragon ages the it eventually becomes pure gleaming silver with the individual scales being almost impossible to make out. They have the ability to breathe both frost and paralyzation gas, although they rarely use either ability, preferring to fight with spells or human weapons. This ability becomes more and more powerful as the dragon ages. Older Silver dragons gain an many intrinsic magical abilities and almost all of them are also studied wizards with massive magical arsenals at their disposal. Silver dragons have many human lifetimes to study magic and it takes an archmage to even begin to be the equal of the average silver dragon.

Silver dragons spend most of their lives living in human lands, in human homes and sleeping on human beds. But they will always keep a traditional "dragon's lair", usually on a secluded mountaintop, or on a magical floating island high up in the clouds.

Silver dragons raise their young together in mated pairs. They incubate the eggs and raise them to toddlerhood before bringing them into the human world. Once in the human world the baby dragons will masquerade as human children, usually growing to the age of twenty or so and then starting over again at age three multiple times until they reach adulthood. Silver dragons rarely keep the same human persona more than twenty years or so anyway, so this works well for them.

Silver dragons prefer human food and eat almost nothing else. Their personal tastes will be as varied as any individual humans will be. Many silver dragons have had several human lifetimes in which to sample various human foods and to practice their cooking.

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