The gold dragon is a traditional monster in both fantasy fiction and role-playing games.

Gold dragons are one of the largest species of dragons. They are good, wise, benevolent and a complete pain in the butt. Gold dragons live lives free of compromise and they uphold the causes of good and justice at all costs. They spend much of their time polymorphed into the forms of other good creatures. That annoying travelling knight who insists on righting every wrong in the kingdom might actually be a gold dragon in disguise.

Gold dragons are hatched from eggs and they come out dark yellow with golden metallic flakes, as the dragon ages the flecks get larger until the dragon becomes completely golden. They have the ability to breathe both fire and chlorine gas, both are extremely deadly. This ability becomes more and more powerful as the dragon ages. Older Gold dragons gain an many intrinsic magical abilities and almost all of them are also studied wizards with massive magical arsenals at their disposal. Gold dragons have many human lifetimes to study magic and it takes an archmage to even begin to be the equal of the average gold dragon.

Gold dragons can and will live anywhere. They tend to favor dwellings of pure stone though, favoring castles, caves and underground dungeons. They will certainly have many hirelings, retainers and henchmen and their lairs will never be left unguarded. Most gold dragons will be on first name basis with any good giants in the area and will certainly have mutual defense agreements with them.

Gold dragons raise their young together in mated pairs. They tend to withdraw completely from the outside world when they have hatchlings. The concentrate on nothing other than the growth, training and development of the young dragons until they are finally ready to go out on their own.

Gold dragons can eat anything, mud, rock, jewels, anything at all. But they prefer to subsist on a diet that consists of nothing but pearls and gems. Bringing a gold dragon a nice juicy pearl is an excellent way to get it to listen to what you have to say.

My monster nodes are usually based upon material in the various AD&D rulebooks. But they are my own work, as I often expand the information. In some cases I will blatantly disagree with the source material. None of these nodes are cut and paste. You are free to use my descriptions in any material of your own (even commercial material), as long as I am credited as the source.

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