Blue dragons are one of the five colours of dragons in Anne McCaffrey's Dragon Riders of Pern series. The blue dragons are the smallest of the male dragons, but slightly larger than the nimble, female green dragons. These smaller dragons take part only in the mating flights of the infertile green dragons, but very rarely win the chance to mate, as the brown and unattached bronze dragons are much larger and are able to fly faster.

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The blue dragon is a traditional monster in both fantasy fiction and role-playing games.

Blue dragons are usually one of the largest and most cunning flavor of dragons. They are highly intelligent, speak many languages, and take particular interest in preparing ambushes and collecting trophies. Most dragons prefer to just swoop down and attack, while the blue dragon would rather hide under the desert sands for hours until a caravan passes by, and then raise out of the sand from behind and attack.

Blue dragons are hatched from eggs and they come out with small scales that are at least some shade of blue. The color of a blue dragon will vary much in its lifetime, but the scales will remain small and shiny until the day it dies. They have the ability to breathe a highly charged bolt of lightning from birth. This ability becomes more and more powerful as the dragon ages. Hatchlings can barely create a good sized spark, while ancient blue dragons can create lightning larger and more intense than any seen in nature. Some older dragons gain the ability to control sound waves as well. But those powers are far from universal.

Blue dragons almost always make their homes in deserts and plains. They enjoy the ability to see for miles and miles and survey their entire domain at a glance. They cannot tolerate men or brass dragons anywhere near their lairs, and they will do anything to drive them out.

Blue dragons raise their young together in mated pairs, but they are otherwise solitary. They are very fairly good parents, giving fair instruction and knowledge to the young dragons. They protect them well and will die for them. If a blue dragon family is threatened then the male will fight and the female will join in if the situation looks grim.

If at all possible blue dragons will make their lairs in deep and complicated systems of caverns. They prefer natural caverns, and clearing the existing inhabitants out of a large cavern is part of growing up for young blue dragons.

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