The bronze dragon is a traditional monster in both fantasy fiction and role-playing games.

Bronze dragons are one of the larger species of dragons. They are extremely intelligent and they spend much of their time polymorphed into the forms of animals and various humanoids. Most bronze dragons will have dozens of human and demihuman aliases that they use to interact with people. It is not unusual for bronze dragons to own significant property in human lands. Nor is it strange for them to get involved in human politics and affairs.

Bronze dragons are hatched from eggs and they come out yellow with only a hint of bronze, as the dragon ages it takes on a deep bronze tone. They have the ability to breathe both a bolt of lightning and cloud of repulsive gas. This ability becomes more and more powerful as the dragon ages. All bronze dragons can speak to animals, breathe water and polymorph into other forms. Older bronze dragons often learn a whole plethora of assorted magical abilities.

Bronze dragons love to live near the water and near the lands of men. They enjoy swimming and exploring underwater and they will usually create their lairs in caves that can only be accessed by going deep under the water. But they do not love water so much that they would live in a flooded cavern. Bronze dragon lairs are always dry.

These dragons raise their young in pairs and will often introduce their young into human society as human children. It is not all that strange for bronze dragons to travel far and wide in human lands while their children grow up, as dragon children grow far too slowly for them to masquerade as human children in one place for too long. They will fight to protect their own young, and will die in the process if it comes down to it.

Your average bronze dragon lives on a diet of underwater plants and seafood, as they cannot even begin to ingest enough food in human form to support their real bulk. Because of this they tend to stay near the coast at all times.

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