The Soup Dragon lives on, or rather in, The Clangers' cratered planet and is the sole provider of tasty nutritious treats such as green soup, red soup, and blue-string pudding.

She cooks up her soup in the volcanic wells that lie under the pointed chimney hills at the edge of the copper tree wood. The Clangers are her pals. They have to be. She provides the only food on the planet, and without her they would all be shadows of their former selves.

Fortunately it has been calculated that there is enough soup in the wells to last the Clangers for another 7,384,497,003 years. No one can be certain how long Clangers live.

also: The Soup Dragons, a rather obscure British band that began as punk and drifted into the more commercial and radio-friendly sounds of techno/groove/pop.

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