The Japanese name for the game known in the US as Dragon Warrior. This RPG for the NES, was created by Enix, who later went on to make many versions of Dragon Quest, some of which did not make it to the United States (DQ 5 and 6).

This game has several differences from the US version, including the major difference that (in the version I played on the Nintendo) you cannot turn your character. Instead you pick an action, and then pick an direction in which to complete that action. The gameplay was thus greatly simplified in the US version. There are also some translational differences in the game between the US and Japanese version. The legend in the main game speaks of Loto, instead of Erdrick. It's still the same underlying game, with a few engine tweaks and such.

The Pokemon-like spinoff game, Dragon Warrior Monsters, also followed the same naming convention, being called Dragon Quest Monsters in Japan.

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