An item found or bought in the series of Dragon Warrior video games (known in Japan as Dragon Quest) that was supposedly the severed wing of a wyvern, which was represented as a sort of legless vulture-thing in the games themselves. The classic three varieties are the Wyvern, the Magiwyvern, and the Starwyvern (differing most notably in color scheme, that being gray, brown, or pink, respectively, but also being increasingly stronger, having more hit points, and possessing more powerful magic spells). When used, the item returns your hero to either the Castle of Alefgard (in the original game) or any town you had previously visited (in the sequels). The Wing of the Wyvern cannot be used indoors or when within a dungeon or cave, but can save the player many hours of walking and tedious monster battles.

Many thanks to Behemoth, who reminded me of the assorted differences in Wyverns other than color. Next time I'll try to drink more caffeine before proofreading.

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