The Tuna Pole Incident

This is a recount of an incident from about 3 years ago when I was living in the residential dorms at UNB; I think it's pretty funny, but I'm not sure if it would be classified as a GTKY w/u or not, so I figured I'd post it in a daylog. Anyway...

Prank Wars in residence are fun, until one of the parties invoved gets carried away.. this time it was us.

My roommate Sean and I had a couple of guys across the hall from us who were really good guys, and we hung out a fair bit... though we did happen to get ourselves thrust into a prank war somewhere along the line (I think we started it). We pulled pranks on each other for about two weeks straight, until one night hit.. I honestly don't know what they did to us, or if it was even worth the retaliation it was about receive.. but here was our plan.

In residence, at one point in time you were allowed to put your bed on poles (usually PVC, or metal if you were lucky enough to find/buy some). Well, these poles are great for hiding things, who thinks to look there?

These poles provided a perfect location to hide something.. but what? After thinking it over, we decided it had to be something that smelled horrible. We mulled over what we could put in the pole for a while until we decided on what we thought would be the nastiest most foul smell imaginable: Tuna.. but not just any tuna, ROTTEN tuna.

So one night when the guys were both taking showers we taped their door in such a way that it wouldn't latch completely closed when they closed it, so a swift bump (from a shoulder or perhaps a foot) would knock it open.

Now obviously we couldn't leave the door like this for long or they'd find it, so we decided that when the guys went for lunch we'd have to act. With ninja-like stealth (or as close to it as 3 stoned morons can get, we busted into the room, filled two of the poles with tuna, removed the tape, and got the hell out of there. There, now our job is done and we just need to wait for the tuna to work it's magic.

Now the beauty of tuna is that it's not going to smell right away, especially in one of these poles, so every day, all day we'd see the guys go in and out of the room, and we'd just look at them smiling.. they know something was up.. but who'd think they'd have a tuna time bomb in their room?

Three days after the original break and enter of their room, they started to mention to different people that they were smelling something funny coming from their room, but couldn't figure out where... I had to muster everything I had in me to keep myself composed. Later that day they went and bought a ton of air fresheners and did all their laundry.. but obviously to no avail... you'd have to bomb that room Iraq-style with Glade before you'd even begin to cover up rotten tuna.

Anyway, I guess later that night it got to them and they tore the room apart and found some brownish mushy goop in one of their poles... and they had a prety good idea how it got there. Needless to say they were pissed, and I nearly died laughing when they told us about finding it..

After that we called a truce. I mean seriously, what would be another step up from that? Horse head in the bed? Either way, we both rooms kept our doors locked for the remainder of the year.

"Tuesdays Child is full of Grace"
Unix cal shows this day in 1953 to have been a Tuesday. In good spirits about this year, but then this says not much about what it may actually hold, and everything about my personal development to this point. Wish I could convey some of this to friends real and internet such as my oldest friend GV and Matt above, but can only echo most recently revealed maxim:
For beings of the second form, it is more important to be good than (just) to be.
Another year, another city, another chance.
Moving to the largest city on the international border day after tomorrow. Much love to the Parlour City which Rod loved so much, easy to understand why. Also to the Empire State, whose second city will be my new and last residence in Yeshuastan.

Looking forward to exploring it, Jianada across the Niagara and muchel adventure in 4703.

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