"Tuesdays Child is full of Grace"
Unix cal shows this day in 1953 to have been a Tuesday. In good spirits about this year, but then this says not much about what it may actually hold, and everything about my personal development to this point. Wish I could convey some of this to friends real and internet such as my oldest friend GV and Matt above, but can only echo most recently revealed maxim:
For beings of the second form, it is more important to be good than (just) to be.
Another year, another city, another chance.
Moving to the largest city on the international border day after tomorrow. Much love to the Parlour City which Rod loved so much, easy to understand why. Also to the Empire State, whose second city will be my new and last residence in Yeshuastan.

Looking forward to exploring it, Jianada across the Niagara and muchel adventure in 4703.