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Logged in to fix links broken by recent DNS changes. Would want to join e2lefties except that I am beyond the gauche/droite¹ dichotomy which is essentially a false one. In the west the so-called left are often mere bourgeois apologist/reformers and the furthest left you get is the ossified but correct positions of the Trotskists and other orthodox Marxists or the no more inspiring but vastly more sophisticated criticism of a Chomsky.

Since Rightists are only wrong by virtue of a misconstitution of the current social fabric and can be assumed to be as supportive of the corrected contract, it is not an enlightened position to define oneself as being in opposition to them, the future Ultras.
¹ Whose origins go back to a tennis court at the time of the French Revolution btw, whose sides contain the two factions.

"While the representatives of the ruling elite declare in chorus that society can no longer afford decent-paying jobs, pension and health benefits, the reality is that working people can no longer afford the depredations and plundering of the wealthy parasites at the top."

Patrick Martin,

Checkout: Axis of Logic and Tao Te Ching I.19.
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