The guest DJ on several tracks of Medeski Martin and Wood's album, Combustication, DJ Logic also has his own group known as Project Logic that features an experimental fusion of live jazz with sampling and scratching. All of this makes for one hell of a live show and a great album.

DJ Logic's real name is Jason Kibler.
Kibler began working with turntables and live bands when he was 16, in 1990, when he was a founding member of the Black Root Coalition. Since then, Kibler (as DJ Logic) has worked with the likes of Medeski Martin and Wood, Living Colour, Don Byron, Joshua Redman, John Scofield, Teo Macero, DJ Spooky, DJ Olive, String Cheese Incident, and many many others.

Project Logic is DJ Logic's "band" which includes:
While Kibler is usually consumed in his live work with the Project, the stil will do solo shows where just he will spin, or he will work with musicians other than those in the Project.

I was lucky enough to catch DJ Logic in Asheville, NC during our annual summer street festival when he was performing with Medeski Martin and Wood. Prior to this show, I had never heard of DJ Logic, or Medeski Martin and Wood (I was young, and sheltered, I know that is no excuse, but just let me use it). It was a truly beautiful show. I'd never considered the notion of scratching going so well with the crisp sound of a jazz group, but they blended very well on stage.

DJ Logic has an upcoming album (spring 2001)entitled "The Anomaly", to compliment "Project Logic" his first release with his band, as well as their live album "Project Logic - Live at the Wetlands"

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