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The urge to kill anything and everything I see, regardless if it is dead or alive, animal or vegetable, liquid or solid, metal or organic. Or was it hot pants?
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Okay so like I really do have a motto, honest, but I forgot it. If I could remember it, it would be. No wait. Because then I'd actually say it. If I said it, I would have to know, and I don't. But if I did know it, I would say it. But I don't. So I can't. Yeah. My point exactly.
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How to smoke a pipe
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Hi. I bet you're curious as all hell, aren't you?

People I like

  • Space Ghost
  • Abe Vigoda
  • Your name here

People I hate

  • Jabber Jaw
  • The Harlem Globetrotters, except for Curly.

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  3. I could not think of any.

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    "What I like about CowboyNeal is that he never really leaves, he just quits typing." -- chromatic

    "Oh, he's a drunken slut." -- hemos

    "dude you gots to get a pocket watch" -- jessicapierce