Weirdness is a game for Megazeux by Greg Janson, oft-worshipped master of ZZT and bad ASM. It is an inventory-based puzzle/adventure game, a genre non-Zeuxers may identify with such hits as the King's Quest series. In it, the hero, Jace Nyglus, must solve a number of bizarre problems, from extracting the mercury from a thermometer through hacking into a brother's computer, in order to unlock the secrets of a crash-landed alien spaceship.

Weirdness featured excellent graphics, animation, sound, and music--at least for the limited capabilities of Megazeux. Many have tried to emulate its success. Sadly, Weirdness was intended to be part of a long sequence of games, but ended after the first chapter. This is not an unusual thing in the realm of Megazeux, but it is especially notable for Janson, whose story of hitting the black hole of Real Life is one of the saddest ever recorded.

Weird"ness, n.

The quality or state of being weird.


© Webster 1913.

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