often when tripping on hallucinogenic drugs, things may go sour. all it takes is a little weirdness to make a good trip go bad. below is a list of things one might do to attempt to regain control over the trip and keep yourself out of an eight hour rollercoaster ride through the pits of hell. please feel free to add your own hints and tips.

  • smile. this may seem dumb, but the psychedelic state is a fickle thing. even if you're having the worst time of your life, simply staring into the mirror and putting on your happiest, most innocent face seems to help reverse the damage.

  • change the setting. did things suddenly get really weird or uncomfortable at the party? then get yourself the hell out of there. find a few friends who you can trust and go for a walk. maybe you'll come back, maybe you won't. the important thing is getting away from whatever stimulus is making you uncomfortable. remember, fear compounds itself while tripping out. the longer you remain wherever it is, the more intense the fear will become.

  • be yourself. sometimes you can send yourself on a bad trip when you're in a situation in which you feel restrained. for example, maybe you don't want someone to know you're tripping at a party, so you're trying to act straight. this is a bad idea. trying to fight the effects and remain sober will inevitably increase your body's overall tension and will most likely make you feel horrible. avoid this whenever possible.
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