A book of information, procedures, and advice given to new recruits to the National Security Agency.

I think that they could make a lot of money by selling it on late-night television. Imagine a take-off of the Dianetics commercial: black background, stark white text, techno music...

Is it okay to tell my family and friends that I work for the NSA?
Page 11

What should I do if a reporter asks me about an NSA operation?
Page 23

Can I work as a consultant to Chris Carter?
Page 1013

And so on.

At any rate, the Handbook is divided into these sections:

  1. Introduction

  2. Initial Security Responsibilities

    1. Anonymity
    2. Answering Questions About Your Employment
    3. Answering Questions About Your Agency Training
    4. Verifying Your Employment
    5. The Agency And Public News Media

  3. General Responsibilities

    1. Espionage and Terrorism
    2. Classification
    3. Need-To-Know
    4. For Official Use Only
    5. Prepublication Review
    6. Personnel Security Responsibilities
    7. Association with Foreign Nationals
    8. Correspondence with Foreign Nationals
    9. Embassy Visits
    10. Amateur Radio Activities
    11. Unofficial Foreign Travel
    12. Membership in Organizations
    13. Changes In Marital Status
    14. Use and Abuse of Drugs
    15. Physical Security Policies
    16. The NSA Badge
    17. Area Control
    18. Items Treated as Classified
    19. Prohibited Items
    20. Exit Inspection
    21. Removal of Material from NSA Spaces
    22. External Protection Of Classified Information
    23. Reporting Loss Or Disclosure Of Classified Information
    24. Use Of Secure And Non-Secure Telephones

  4. Helpful Information

    1. Security Resources
    2. Security-Related Services
    3. Frequently Used Acronyms

  5. A Final Note

Great reading for greeting card salespeople and the public alike.

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