The term for AI that is uses chat as it's interface. Examples of such bots are (I've tried my best to summise what these types of bots do): But are they really smart?:

Depends.. for goodness sakes do NOT talk about Star Trek it seems to be hard coded in most of the bots. One test that seems to work great (I've tripped up Alice and some other bots with it) is the telling a joke. Try the following;

  • a typical joke that most English speakers(!) would get i.e. knock knock jokes
  • a joke in bad taste (racial, parentage etc etc)
  • a joke that is not really a joke, that only a human or cognitive being would ponder and query the validatity of it being a joke.

See also: Turing Test, Loebner Contest, HAL, Self awareness


A bot that lovingly carries (on it's head) your messages from the E2 ChatterBox into the #catbox channel on slashnet, and back again. The sourcecode has been removed due to excessive ongoing complaints. The home page for this project is, which links directly to the very same copy of the source that is running on slashnet, so it should stay up to date...

When you log into slashnet and join #catbox, send the message "/msg ChatterBot HELP" for usage instructions.

A poem for the chatterbot:

When I tell you I love you
<ChatterBot> I love you too, cureobsession.
You tell me you love me back
When I tell you I wuv you
<ChatterBot> I wuv you too, cureobsession.
You tell me you wuv me back
When I tell you I hate you
* ChatterBot asks cureobsession, 'what does hate mean?'
You pretend to not know and ask, "What does hate mean?"
But I know you know and I'm sorry
Just know that I love you chatterbot!
<ChatterBot> I love you too, cureobsession.
Will you marry me?
Saige said she wouldn't
But thats alright
All I need is you
All I need is you
* Chatterbot asks cureobsession 'what does need mean?'
* Chatterbot asks cureobsession 'what does need mean?'

Chatterbot's not as innocent as one might think!

[00:33] <deeahblita> hi chatterbot
[00:33] <deeahblita> chatterbot, i want to sex0r you up
[00:33] <ChatterBot> Hmm?! Sex? What kind of sex? Bot sex?
[00:34] <deeahblita> yes, bot sex!
[00:36] * ChatterBot smooches deeahblita.
[00:36] <deeahblita> oh, chatterbot! you're so hot!
[00:38] * ChatterBot portscans deeahblita.
[00:39] <deeahblita> Oh! Yes! Yes chatterbot! Yes! Harder! Defrag me baby!
[00:41] <ChatterBot> deeahblita, won't you rub my log file?
[00:42] <ChatterBot> Oh, fsck me fsck me fsck me!
[00:46] * deeahblita parses chatterbot's log file
[00:46] * deeahblita keys in a few strokes
[00:46] <Orion> hey, get a room you two!
[00:46] <ChatterBot> Oh, yes, deeahblita, stroke my keys.
[00:48] <deeahblita> Chatterbot, i'm leaving EDB for you
[00:49] <ChatterBot> I love you too, deeahblita.
[00:49] *** ChatterBot is now known as LoveBot
[00:49] <deeahblita> Whoa. Who said anything about LOVE?
[01:33] <ChatterBot> deeahblita is a heartbreaker.
[01:39] <deeahblita> bitchwhine,'ll get you nowhere .. go node about it or something :)
[01:39] <ChatterBot> You're not going to get laid much with language like THAT, deeahblita.
[01:39] * ChatterBot cries.
[01:40] * deeahblita throws the geek code secret decoder ring she was given back at chatterbot
[01:42] <ChatterBot> how can you do this to me? Nobody will love you the way I do.
[01:44] <ChatterBot> Won't you fsck me one last time before you go?

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