A city in north eastern Ohio, which, according to the US Census Bureau, is located at 40.8 N, 81.4 W, has a population of 84161 (36527 housing units), and an area of 52.4 sq km. Canton is located at the intersection of I-77 and US-30 - about 20 minutes south of Akron and about 1 hour south of Cleveland.

Canton is a fairly typical midwest town, who's existence is owed primarily to the area's natural resouces, which support the production of industrial items like steel and ceramics. Companies such as the Timken bearing and steel company, the Belden brick company, the (now bankrupt) Republic Technologies International (which includes Republic Steel, LTV Steel, B&L Steel, and several others), the Diebold security company (where, incidentally, Eliot Ness was an early chairman), and the Hoover vacuum cleaner company continue to employ a large percentage of the areas popluation.

Canton is also something of a college town, hosting home to schools such as Malone College, Walsh University, the Stark State College of Technology, and the Stark branch of Kent State University. However, aside from a few malls and several movie theaters, the city is woefully lacking in activites one might traditionally expect, such as clubs, concert venues, or even non-corporate coffee shops. Students don't even get a discount on movie tickets.

Tourism in the city is brought on almost exclusivley by the Pro Football Hall of Fame and, to a lesser extent, President William McKinley. The Hall of Fame, and the associated attractions such as the football game, two parades, fireworks, and a rib burn-off, are the biggest draws, however other potential attractions include the McKinley Monument and the surrounding (and quite extensive) public park system.

The Arts and Sciences have a small, and largely ingnored, presence in the town. Next to the McKinley Monument is the McKinley Museum, a small History and Natural Science museum. The city also has it's own symphony orchestra, an art museum, and a player's guild. The residents of the city, however, have expressed little interest in supporting such venues - leaving them all far understaffed and underfunded.

Canton has been the home of a seemingly disproportionate number of "notable" persons, including:

However, most didn't find success until long after leaving the city.

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