Akron is a city in northeast Ohio, with a population of about 217,000. It started as a canal town, and since then the economy has changed several times, from clay products to farm machinery to tires and rubber and now to a service economy. Akron itself means "high place", because it was the high point on the Ohio and Erie Canal.

Akron also seems to have a mild cult appeal, due mainly to the fact that - despite being small and out of the way - it has produced Devo and Chrissie Hynde.

And, for that matter, 'Grimace', 'a five piece metal band ... started by founding members Rick, Ern, and Jim' (according to their website), and 'The Lurkers', 'a power trio [who] combine elements of seventies' classic rock, early eighties' heavy metal, and punk into their own hard rock sound'.

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